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in need of support

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I have recently been diagnosed with three different cancers, Cervial, bowel and breast cancer. I am finding life very difficult to cope with. I am having chemo and have been for sometime now and have a lot more to endure. I am finding myself getting very depressed and very tired and weak. All I want to do is sleep. Is this Normal? Any advice will be greatly recieved. Thank you

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As they say "we can feel your pain". I was diagnosed 15 months ago with Stage 3b cervical cancer and I had/have lymph node involvement. I have just started my 3rd round of chemo. My first round with chemo and radiation drug me down I slept alot. You need the rest. As far as depression it is easy to get depressed. I try and keep myself busy. I keep the TV on alot so something is going on in the background so I don't have time to think too much. I believe thinking too much can cause depression. I call it the "The poor pit a ful me" attitude. We have to pitty ourselves a little. Make sure you are drinking lots of fluids especially boosts type drinks. You should drink at least 3 of those a day. How's your blood work? If your white or red cells are low you can get shots for it and the shots helped me a lot. Keep you chin up!!!!

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First i want to tell you that you are not alone we are all here for you! I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in june 2003 it had spread to my lymphnodes so they removed my bad nodes and treated the tumer with chemo and radiation and i was tired all the time but think positive and remember you are a women and we are strong and always there for eachother and the depression you should tell you doctor for something,my doc put me on lexapro and at fist i did not want to take it but it did help with alot so i realy think you should tell your doc. My prayers and heart are with you keep you chin up. God Bless

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You certainly have a lot "on your plate" and I pray that you are blessed with strength, love and support. I agree with TUG that you may want to ask for some help with the depression... medication or therapy can help you cope and improve your mood or outlook. Sleeping a lot is a symptom of depression although it can be related to treatment.

I was diagnosed with Stage IA cervical cancer in 12/05 and had a radical hysterectomoy (they removed EVERYTHING), followed by 5 weeks of chemo and 5 weeks of radiation completed in July 2006. I am experiencing some nerve damage (hearing impairment & numbness in my hands and feet) and sexual dysfunction, which makes me depressed though not to the extreme I've had before when I did go on anti-depressants and it helped big time.

I wish you good things and good moments! I'd like to know how you're doing.

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I'm Stage 1B1 cervical cancer with lymphovascular invasion. Had Radical Hysterectomy then 5 weeks external and 3 doses internal radiation. Finished last treatment 2 months ago. menopausal, bouts of depression, pain and stiffness in bum/leg area. difficulty walking fast or for length of time or just sitting. No longer limber and able to stretch well ... tire easily, forgetful, the list goes on. Using a dilator which is painful not to mention vaginal dryness.

It's the depression, muscle aches and dry tigh vagina that get to me the most.

Went to see an Iridologist earlier today and she didn't have encouraging news either.

How is it with you on these issues? I'm having a hard time...

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It is one of the most popular cancers they say but we all are different. I was hit but cervical cancer October 21st 2005. After a pap which took my doctor 6 months to look at a leep was was done and the nightmare started. I had stage 2b but could not get a hystor. because the cervical cancer I had was a rare one and if cut into it would spread like rapid fire. I had 5 weeks of radiation 5 bouts of chemo once a week and 3 brachy theropy. I am now one year out and going through menopause and different meds. I had a really difficult time afterwards also. Feeling tired, sore, angry, the dilator pain, forgetfulness, and on and on and I am still trying to get use to myself feeling and being different. I am 32 years old and have two children that make me smile everyday and a understanding loving husband not to mention a supprtive family and friends. I know I have a long road yet but I I have to find the silver lining and you will too. I am looking for other woman to talk to about what we have to go through when we have cervical cancer and what we have to go through afterwards. Keep your head up and you will get through this.We will get through this day by day and before we know it year by year. let your inner strength shine! Erin

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yes,,,,,wanting sleep is very normal! you are depressed! ask your doc. for some nerve medicine. that will help lots! it will get better! i promise!! hang in there!

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