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vacation bible school

ladybug52 Member Posts: 41
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
It over for another year, hooray, what a lot of work. Now for some peace and quiet. I have a lot of reading to catch up on. I love mystery books, but have been too busy to read any. Now's my chance. Thanks everyone for their support, it has meant so much.
Thanks again



  • AuthorUnknown
    AuthorUnknown Member Posts: 1,537
    Congratulations on the accomplishment. Please enjoy your books, ladybug. I love books too. Hope you feel fine.

    Best Regards, Eleonora
  • KathiM
    KathiM Member Posts: 8,028
    During my chemo, I had to switch from my favs including Patterson and Kellerman because I couldn't keep the plot line straight...so I read Nora Roberts. I always knew when I was recovered...back I'd switch!!!
    You earned the peace and quiet, take a looooooong nap for me!
    Hugs, kathi
  • lfondots63
    lfondots63 Member Posts: 818
    Hi Ladybug,

    Glad all the stress is over for you. Reading helps me relax too. It also helps me get through chemo treatments. I also gave books to my clinic so others could enjoy. Take care.