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colon cancer has most post?????

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I just have to ask why this is one of the biggest groups? I know it affects more people than other cancers but I still question the number of post.

Just me being.... me.


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Sadly, it is true! We surpassed breast cancer earlier this year!

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Grace -

We are just a very chatty bunch - as you have probably noticed we don't just chat about cancer - we talk about our lives, tell jokes, meet each other and are - truly - a family. I hadn't noticed that we passed the breast cancer group (woof - chatting more than a bunch of chatty women... scarry!), but I did know we were catching up with them about the time we hit 20,000 posts. The post counter counts all posts, just not the beginning of a string. I would say, and I know our friends who manage the CSN will back us up on this, that we are definitely one of the most if not THE most active board they have going. Other boards haven't broken 100 yet - I think that's because the people there are more focused on getting info and nothing more. We've been blessed with a very gregarious cast of characters. I tend to think the nature of our cancer makes us more open to talking and sharing about ourselves - I mean if you're willing to compare the colors of your poop, what WON'T you talk about?

- SB

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Awww, Dad, you have me laughing soooooo hard, I almost wet myself!!!!
You guys really started it for me with the semi-colons....I was down and blue...and this perked me right up!!!!! To laugh at something soooo serious, well that set the tone of the whole thing for me!
Hugs, Kathi

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Yellow pants for Kathi please :)



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hi grace,
welcome to the semi colons sorry you have to be here. what i think makes us the most vocal group is our caring of each other. we go thru the good times and the bad together. we laugh and cry together. i couldn't have made it without this group. i respect each and everyone here, survivor and caretaker.
and as we all know semi's rock!!!!!!
be well
all the best

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Thanks for the welcome,

Bob, I know the feeling of talking about anything and not being able to keep anything private.

I tell everyone that I can drop my pants on command. My pharmisist can almost get me to drop em. he he

I have a hard time telling people what type of cancer I have. I don't know why but it does ot seem to girly. (Like any cancer is more male or female).

On the other hand once people know what type I have I can joke about it like mad.

I guess once you share this type of private info with people you must get attached. I mean Gas, poop, blooting, bathroom problems, when one can and can't eat.

These are things I deal with all the time but most people I am around can't GET it. It is strange that I have never met you all but you know things about me (because we all share the same problems) that no one knows. I never talk about some of this stuff to others so you all know me more in many ways than my family and friends. WOW!!

Well, that was way OT.
I am glad that this place gives us a place to meet and help each other.


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I don't question it much...just realize that this cancer does touch many. But I have to say - and I know I am different from some or most here...i don't consider my cancer my identity; I am not a colon cancer survivor and then, Maura...Many of you might now think of yourself in that manner, and that is just fine. But, I draw from many aspects within myself, my colleagues and my circle of freinds; I could never in a million years think that I am somewhat above them in thought or action...I wholeheartedly disagree. Get what? Compassion, Love, Friendship, Insight, Integrity? These are not just within the boundaries of cancer survivors...and sometmes far from it...Cancer has broadened my thoughts, but everyone has had a curve ball or two and grown - or not grown...
It is pretty darn important not to think of ourselves as anything but who we are...just people pluggin' along...making headway and mistakes just like everyone else...those thoughts that we really do 'get it' scare me... a bit high-headed. In retrospect, I normally see those who think their thoughts are pretty up-there tumble...
In the meantime, I continue to notice thoughtful and humble posts, and I am ever so thankful for every one which I read and can add to.
This is just my two cents...I have never considered any site or spot the 'holy grail'...I think we take from all that is offered to us.
Wishes of wellness - or at least the willingness to keep trying to push on with a smile- Maura

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Sorry, did not meant to offend anyone. All I menat with the "get it" comment was that it was nice to be around people that could understand my problems.

I know my family, frnieds and support group are the best ever.

Did not mean to get over the top.



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That's the beauty of csn - you said what's on your mind and nobody should - or will - judge you for that. All of us respect one another's views even if we don't necessarily agree. We all come from a similar place and that's q great leveler. Say what you believe and know you're among friends.

No such thing as over the top with this group.

+ SB

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My name is John C. and I am searching for a friend who has been down the Colon Cancer road to chat with my sister Amy (age 48) regarding her recent journey. She is 6 months post-op and has finished her Chemo (they had to stop early becuase it damaged her heart and she had to have stents implanted). She just had a follow up colonoscopy and she's all clear for now but she would love to have a friend in the area to meet with, share stories, exchange experiences with, etc. Do any of you folks know anyone in Atlanta, Ga. or Roswell Ga who wouldn't mind making a wonderful new friend?

Thanks all!

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