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Radical Vaginectomy

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After My Hysterectomy I need a Radical Vaginectomy.
Has anyone any information or experience with this?

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I do not know what this is - and also would like to find out- it looks like my doc is going to recommend this treatment as a next step to my reoccurences.

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Hi, I had a radical hysterectomy done in February 2006. I looked up radical vaginectomy and briefly it is the removal of you vagina and then a plastic surgeon will reconstruct a new one. What type of cancer and hysterectomy did you have? The radical took me right into full menopause. They also took part of my vagina also and the lymph nodes and all my reprductive organs. I have nothing left. I was put on HRT for 3 months and now that I am off I am getting hotflashes galore almost all the time. I started taking extra strength estroven and the estroven PM and after 2 weeks they have gone down some. I will keep you in my prayers. I am 46 never in my life thought it would happen to me especially I was seen by the same GYN for over 10 years and never once was there a hint of cancer. I turned to the doctors in Philadelphia and will travel for I got the best care there. I lost my faith in my doctor and felt hopeless that a trace of it was not detected earlier. You will be in my thoughts and prayers and I hope the best for you!

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I had this and a radical hysterectomy over 20 years ago. My cervical cancer was very advanced, they had to rebuild my vagina. My diagnosis was looking like I'd survive 5 months, guess that's wrong! It's been a long battle but a good one. I refused the chemo, did the radiation. It was rough, but worth it. I've had a great life since that "bump in the road". I believe a lot of cancer recovery is tied into taking an active part in your treatment, not being a victim. I did HRT for 20 years, stopped a few years ago when HRT's were being questioned as to their safety. A satisfying sex life is also very possible after this. A lot of our recovery has to do with determination and a positive attitude. Good luck!

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I had cervical cancer in 96 (when I was 26) and had an emergency radical hysterectomy. I haven't really had any sexual partners since due to the fact that I am really small inside after the surgery and don't think any partner will fit. It's been mentally and emotionally devastating and I am wondering if when they rebuilt you if you are a normal size inside? Please don't get me wrong, I am of course thankful and happy to be alive and have never thought of myself as a victim, except in this respect. Any advice you could share would be appreciated...

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