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Possible new cancer

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I am new to the chat room. I just wanted to say I have been in remission for over six years. I hAd grade IV ovarian cancer Feb 2000. Faith and Family got me thou everything. Today they found a spot on my lung. This is a long week end. I can not see my Dr. till Wed. I am tying to worry. I pray it is nothing. Thanks

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Hello nandana,
Sorry to hear about the spot being found. I hope you will try to relax as much as you can until you find out more. I know it's hard, but thinking about bad things really makes them harder than they may turn out to be. I'm sure a lot of the women visiting this board will say a prayer for you, as I will.

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It is soooo hard waiting -Bless Your Heart!
I think that what You are going through right now is what everyone who's been there fears.My Sister is now taking taxol,this is her 2nd cancer-anew one.I read in a magazine in the doctors office last week that patients who were her2nu + was at a higher risk of a reoccurence,I had Breast Cancer-hormone receptors were negative.It also said I would be more succeptical(sp) to having Ovarian and Breast Cancer again.Makes me wonder ,I mean Ovarian Cancer is prevelant in my Family but my hormone receptors were negative.I must be missing something some where.I sure hope it's nothing to be concerned about-but take a deep breath and find something to occupy Your mind,like reading or something that takes You to a different place while You wait,otherwise You'll drive Yourself crazy.I remember them finding a lesion in my Liver-after testing and waiting out the time for the results turned out it was just that a lesion-whew!! God Bless You,keep Your heart light.let everyone know how it goes . My prayers are with You!

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Hang in there Nanadana! You are quite the survivor, especially from a stage IV. I've found that that "changing the channel" in my mind, to something that I feel passionate about, like a quilting or crochet project, is a good deterrant from the worry cycle that wants to run the tape over and over again. Also, deep breathing is calming, extending your abdomen with each full breath. Four or five times and I feel more centered. Beauty in nature is also a wonderful place to linger. I use guided imagery and meditation tapes to take me away and if it gets too awful at night I will use Ativan or Benedryl to sleep. You need all your positive energy to see you through this. You are in my prayers and I know many others will pray for you too. I am in treatment for a third recurrence and cherish every moment of this beautiful day.
All the best to you! God Bless.

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Everyone is so right. The best you can do for yourself right now is to focus on positives and try to enjoy the moment. Many of us have been through this a second time, some a third and ongoing. There is so much out there now to work with.

In the meantime, as mentioned we will keep you in our prayers and thoughts. Sending hugs your way and hang on to your faith and family. They've been my rock all these years, too.


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Dear Nandana, Welcome to the Ovarian Cancer board. Stage IV and 6 year remission that is awesome! Sorry to hear about the spot on your lung, the waiting is the hardest. I will pray it is nothing also but remember, if it is, how well you responded to chemo the first time around so you would likely do the same again. There is a woman on MN Ovarian Cancer Board who is stage 4 and after 4 years had a recurrence and after 6 taxol/carbo her tumor markers are 6 again. To be a six would be wonderful. Is your ca125 up to or is the only sign the scan? Keeping you in prayer along with the rest of the woman on the board.

Prayers and Hugs Bonnie

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