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My daughter was diagnosed two years ago and underwent surgery, radiation and chemo. She is doing well. I would like to hear from others with similar tumors.

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My husband was diagnosed this August with an oligoastrocytoma. He also underwent surgery. He just completed 6 weeks of radiation and Temador and will be starting a regimen of 6 months of Temador. My husband is 45 years old, healthy and active. Hope your daughter is healthy and strong. I would love to chat with someone who has been through this terrible cancer. I don't know what to expect..

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My fiance (23 years old when diagnosed) was diagnosed with an oligoastrocytoma in December 2008. He had surgery, 6 weeks of radiation, and some Temodar, although he elected to stop chemo for the time being since he was finishing college at the time and it was making him too tired. To him, the negatives of the chemo outweighed the benefits at the time. He will pursue chemo in the future if any growth is detected, but so far he has not had any regrowth of tumor cells.

I am always happy to chat with others and share what we are going through. For us, there are a lot of questions about the future: medical bills, insurance, whether we'll be able to get married without him losing coverage, and whether we will be able to have a long life together with a family of our own.

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