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dealing with the VA

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would like to hear from anyone relying on the VA for their cancer treatment.

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Howdy, Dee -

You dealing with the VA? Having trouble or just looking for someone to tell you about the rocks and shoals?

I'm still active duty so haven't had to deal with them yet. Let me know if you[re having troubles - power in numbers!


- SpongeBob

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Hiya Dee!
My husband's retired and we have Tricare. We've had some VA assisted tests done. However, my dad just finished an entire regime for his Agent Orange through the VA. They rebuilt his jaw when rads destroyed it, etc. If you let me know what you're wondering about, I could ask him or put you in touch with his email. You can reply back to my CSN webmail if you would like!
Good luck and God bless,

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100% SC VN vet. I've been in the VA system for about 15 years. My experiences have been outstanding. Contact me at dondelmundo@yahoo.com if you have specific questions or concerns.

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VA has been good to me, there are a few issues now and then but he oncologist and infusion nurses at the Phoenix VA are great. I have had two major cancer related surgeries there too. The room was not elegant but somehow when the housekeeper told me two days post op "Lookin sharp soldier' it felt good.

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the VA did a wonderful job for my in treating my cancer. They were prompted in getting all the tests, and procedures done, then got right into chemo after i was healed from surgey.
If you have any questions or concerns let me know i would be more then happy to help

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I am Blessed as a 100% disabled Vietnam war veteran, Va saved my life, please email for more info.

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Navigating the beurocracy (sp?) has been difficult at times, but the doctors and nurses have been absolutely fantastic! My husbands currently in a five bed ward, which makes things interesting, but the nurse that admitted him two weeks ago in the ER stopped me in the hallway yesterday and inquired about how he's doing, the doctor has been in to see him two and three times a day; the resources are not limited by some faceless insurance company, so he's had physical therapy, psychology, GI, radiology, and oncology docs all weighing in on his care. We've been very pleased, and I thank God for the help we've gotten at the VA.

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