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Please help my family

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My Dad has just been diagnosed with possible Lung Cancer. He has a large mass in his left lung and and smaller lesions in his right. It has spead to his spinal cord, media stinum, and liver. We are assuming this is StageIV (he is just seeing the doctor today)This just happened so fast and he has given up hope. My family and I have done nothing but cry for the past three days. Can anyone give me hope that he can pull through this? Or has it gone to far? Honesty would be greatly appreciated, as we are new to this and I need to prepare. Thanks

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Hello. I am a five year lung cancer survivor. I am very sorry to hear of your father's illness. After his visit to the doctor, and when you know a little more, please post more information on this board. I believe that you will find more people will respond with their experiences and suggestions when they have more specific information. I was initially diagnosed as inoperable/incurable, and today I am cancer free. Who knows what is possible/ Please keep us posted.

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Thank you for your words of encouragement. I will share them with my father. I appreciate everyone who shares their stories and experiences as it is a tremenous help to those of us now going through this.

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I feel your pain and am very sorry about your Dad. My family is going through the same situation. My Mom was hospitalized last Sunday with what they think is Stage IV lung cancer that has metastesized to her brain. It, too, happened so fast. I'm online everyday learning more and more and hearing positive stories of survival. We are staying positive and focusing on moving on with treatment. We share positive information and stories of survival and are constantly reminding her to be strong and positive. The will to live and positive attitude is an important part of survival, we feel. We try to use humor to keep her spirits up but are careful not to over do it. It seems to be working. We are total advocates for her and are on top of all of the nurses and doctors asking questions of everyone. Keep hope alive and I'm sure your Dad, once he's learned more about his condition, will become a fighter. Best of luck to you and your family and keep in touch!

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My heart goes out to you. It is a tough situation I know for my best friend was diagnosed in March with Stage IV lung cancer. It has spread eveywhere except her brain. She has been through 4 cycles of chemo so far Cisplatin/Etopicide. The cancer has shrunk and she is gaining wieght. We were at the doctors yesterday and he said she is doing great. You have to believe and don't let him give up. She is not about to and neither am I. Try to keep a positive attitude. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Prayers are going out to all of you!

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My husband has a large tumor on his right lung and has now had 6 weeks of radiation with one more session to go. He has also had 2 3-day sessions of cisplatin and etoposide chemotherapy. His tumor has shrunk by 50%. His cancer is called small cell lung cancer which is either Limited or Extensive. It is not categorized in stages. His is Limited meaning it is only on his lungs with perhaps some lymph glands invovled but none on his vital organs. I would like to hear more about what type your father has. And our best to you........including prayers.

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I'm happy to hear that your husbands tumor has shrunk. How is he doing now? My dad has a large tumor on his right lung also with mediastinum involvement, which means lymph node involement. He's on rad #20 and chemo #3. Total of 35 rad treatments and 6 chemo taxol-carboplatin. My dads tumor invaded his vertebral body at C7-T1, so rad beam was directed to that area for the first 20 treatments. We started out GREAT, halfway through treatment, we're feeling the total effects of the rad and chemo. Chemo was held for one week and rad held for 2 days incl weekend. The beam has been directed towards his throat, which is causing some serious problems. Dad can't eat or drink anything. Getting IV fluids (Dextrose) every tues and thurs. Dr says this is only temp. he will start feeling better after the 4 days off rad. Did your husband go through any of this? Any reply or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I was diagnosed Stage IV NSCLC in August 2005 with a pleura effusion of the right lung. I was told that that there was no cure, that it was inoperable, and radiation could not be used. My story is posted here just type ernrol in the search box above and then click on ernrol to the right. There you will find my story along with a lot of things I did. I am now in remission. My best statistic is that 100% of the people that God wants to cure will be cured. And you have to believe that he wants to cure your dad. I am now in remission with no disease. I know of people taking Tarceva going into remission with cancer similar to your dads. Let me know if I can give you any more info after reading my web posting.


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