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spiritual question

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I lie awake at night wondering if there is a dog.

I am a dyslexic, insomniac agnostic.

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If you are wondering, then perhaps you are not truly an agnostic?

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Well, I couldn't come up with a witty answer for you, as my response would spell out "hoop".

I believe, as I often ponder lifes meanings, that Winnie the Pooh, has all the answers of the universe.

And what he doesn't know, his fantastic friends will solve.

TTFN - Barb

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Yea Yea Yea!
Another Tigger fan!!!!

(I believe in eating desserts first! It removes the backwards.....stressed!)
Hugs, Kathi

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"The more I looked, the more I saw that Piglet wasn't there."
---Winnie the Pooh

The more I look for God, the more He is there.

God Rocks.

peace, emily who is a Jesus Freak among other things....haha

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Are you dissin' Pooh?

I hope not. Cause I'm gonna have to come up there and trounce ya!!!

We find God in all living things ( and cartoons)...if we look for Him.


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NO WAY!! that's one of my favorite Pooh quotes! I cannot get through House At Pooh Corner without shedding a tear.

Tiddly Pom to you!

peace, emily

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If you want to know if there is God, open your eyes and hears and stop judging and asking questions "why". Stoping "mental noise" (meaning continious thoughts that circulate in head) would also help. Who knows, God may speak to you if and when you are ready.

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Hey, If you really know a way of "stopping the mental noise", please, by all means let us know what it is! I can only control the hamster running in the wheel for short periods of time! I am an insomniac too!

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There is a God. It takes faith to believe. The new Superman Returns has a comment by Lois Lane to Superman. She says, "I,(we) don't need a savior" Superman responds, "If people don't need a savior why do I hear every night people crying for one."
A good question even for us surviors. Do you need one?
I will be glad to talk to you more about it on your own email or mine. Just get back to me. God loves you, and so do I.

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Fery Vunny!

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I'm with you, Susan - that was just downright funny!

We seem to have gotten off the subject a bit there with the talk of "is there a God?"... For those that are still wondering, I guess it's time to trot-out one of my favorite websites:


I visit this site almost daily. Hope y'all enjoy.

Peace (even to lysdexic, agnostic - PLEASE pronounce that with a SILENT "g"! - insomniacs!) Thanks for the funny, Finner!

- SB

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