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3 years today

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I had my surgery for my stage 3 rectal cancer on 6/26/2003. I celebrate all my milestones, but this is a big one. I had a cat scan in May and remain NED. So much has happened in the last 3 years.

For all the newbies, I never thought I would get better. My life is almost normal now. I say almost normal now, because I don't think it will ever be like before. I feel great, I just joined a gym.

I have had 3 surgeries, chemo, radiation, 11 hospitalizations.

Since my diagnosis my daughter has graduated from college and grad school. She had a wonderful bridal shower yesterday. She will be married in August.

My oldest son has graduated from high school and will be a senior in college in Sept.

My youngest son who was 14 when I was diagnosed just graduated from high school and will be going off to college in the fall. I cried like a baby all through the graduation.

My husband has been wonderful through this ordeal, although it did test the strength of our marriage.

I sometimes have survivor guilt. I now consider myself a survivor. It took me a long time to consider myself a survivor. I still get nervous with every test.

I partipated in a Relay for life 2 weeks ago. It was wonderful, even with all the rain. It rained the entire night.

I pray everyday for everyone on this site. I pray extra hard for everyone still fighting this terrible disease.

I am sorry for my yet again long and sappy post. I am just so happy to be alive.


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For those of us still undergoing some treatment your story is great and gives us something to look forward to. We know our life will never be normal-that is, like it used to be. But we can make it better than it was. Keep posting and letting us know that the NED God remains with you.


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Hi Maureen -

Your story gives everyone hope and you have had some great milestones pass in your life. How wonderful to be filled with survivor guilt - a great place to be if you really think about it. Three years of survivorship is something definitely to celebrate and I am happy for you!

Take care,

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What awesome accomplishments you have had. The best thing about your diagnoses is truely realizing how amazing it is to see your children grown and succeed as well as yourself.

Have a great celebration!


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You are a star! And your star is up in our sky now, to bring hope and inspiration to all of us.

I got tears in my eyes, as I read of all the wonderful milestones of your children which you have had the gift to experience these past 3 years. How wonderful.

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hi maureen,
celebrate with your family.
i just had my 2nd year in may.
all the best
be well
never give up never!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations Maureen! My surgery was June 13,2003. My children were just babies when I was diagnosed stage 3. Sometimes I feel like I missed so much but other times I feel blessed to be here to enjoy them now! I certainly understand the test of marriage through this disease. My family and I are adjusting to what is normal now instead of what used to be normal.
Keep celebrating!!!

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Congrats to you!

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Aw, Maureen! I am soooo happy for you!

And what a brave warrior! You give me hope, just being freshly out of treatment....

Time has a way of passing...I look back a year ago, and how sick I was....and now, much better. I remember thinking last year...just focus on a year from now....it will be better.

And it IS!

Hugs and congrats! Kathi

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Great news. I also keep everyone here in my prayers every night.
God bless,

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Congratulations!!! I am so enlightened by your post... My anniversary of three years will be in July...its great to be able to say that.. ! May God bless you with continuing good health.


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Congratulations Maureen..
You are an inspiration to all of us who have yet to face the surgery and chemo.. My surgery is scheduled for July and then chemo after that...I won't lie and say I'm not scared out of my mind concerning the surgery, but reading your post gave me the lift I need to get through this. Thanks and God Bless

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maureen, as the mother of a daughter who just completed treatment on may 22nd for stage 3 rectal cancer, i thank you for your uplifting post! you just can never read too many success stories! continued good health to you. susan

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Hi Maureen,

Congrats on the 3 year NED status. Happy dance going on here!!! Hope you are celebrating big time with your family. It is always great to hear this for those of us still going through treatment. Take care and keep us posted.


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Great post!!!!!!!

Congrats Maureen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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What a wonderful posting! you are describing so many of the feelings that I too had as I progressed through the various stages of survivorship. I'm not sure that any of them are easy, but we learn to live with them becuase we don't have any choice but to thrive and survive! Three wonderful years, despite the struggles...three years that you kept giving..as a wife, mother and fellow survivor. You should be proud and we are all proud of you. Continue to shine and lead the way for all the other survivors!

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It is wonderful to hear your story. I was just diagnosed with colon cancer in May, had a colon resection and started my first chemo last week.I am trying to stay focused and positive. It is the hardest/scariest thing I have ever had to deal with. I too, want to be herefor my daughter's graduations and weddings! Thank you again for your story

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hi maureen,
so happy for you, with my surgery only 3 days away its nice to know that at some point this road may become paved. may ned continue to stay in your life as wonderful as it is.

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Moe -

Congrats on NED x 3 years and yet another long, sappy post - MANY HAPPY RETURNS of the long sappy posts!

- SB

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Hi Maureen,
Your post brought tears to my eyes and captured so much of the high emotion involved in seeing kids reach milestones that were only a dream in the midst of treatment. Congratulations, and continue to savor all the good moments life has brought!
Want to meet Ying and babs and me for dinner in Boston in August? We can offer more congrats in person! Judy

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Fabulous news! Congrats!

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Dear Maureen,

Thank you for sharing the wonderful milestones in your life. Eleven hospitalizations......I think you hold the record. Congratulations on your wellness and the new beginnings in your family's lives.



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Wow! What a triumph!

Every story like this give us newbies so much hope!

Thanks for sharing your story!


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Hello Maureen: I found your story very intresting since I had stage 3 rectal cancer,having radiation,chimo,surgery,(removal of my rectom)6mounth with Iliastomy bag which I never care about I had my reversal on/Nov 2005 during this 7 mounths I am experincing Multipl trips to restroom 10-12 time that came down to 6-7 times a day, most pain I am having when I stand up more than 1 hr like something is pulling down and presure I have to sit down I am 53 like to go back start working but this pain dose not let me I whould be intrested to find out how was your experience.regards R.G
my email rgigori2002@yahoo.com

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