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Radiation Post-Retro Pubic Radicalprostatectomy

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Pathological staging: 3a
Gleason Score: 4+3 = 7+ (tertiary cell pattern 5)
extensive cancer throughtout the prostate and postive margins on the right side all extensive.
lymph nodes, vas defrens, seminal vescules all clear.

Have opinions from two of the top Radiation Oncologists in the country, that based upon the findings of two studies completed in late 2005 (one in Europe and the other here in the US) that men with my numbers will benefit signifcantly from having radiation treatment even if my PSA is currently <0.1. Radiation treatment will extend surival rates by 20%.

Also, surgeon, medical oncology and both radation oncologists all predict separately when asked for a prediction of how soon a detectable PSA will occur that I will have a measurable PSA at 2years post surgery.

I wrestle with going ahead with treatment or not. Am I unnecessarily or prematurely having further treatments with a PSA <0.1?

Feedback please, anyone out there that has numbers like me? what have you done?

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Tom: you did not indicate your age...I was 53 when I was diagnosed...My numbers were significantly higher than yours...I am now 58...I had radiation...I can't speak abou the future but I'm glad to still be around to talk about it!

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Diagnosed at 50.

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Hi Tom,
My numbers were similar in that pre-surgery Gleason = 6, post sur. = 7
my psa initial recur psa=0.4, 3 mo. post = 1.3
Had external radiation, psa second recur psa =5, repeat meas. = 6
Currently on Lupron, psa post 2 yrs = 0.1
My personal recommendation would be to have the radiation ASAP although, as I understand it, possible cure rate is Good Luck, Benji

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Hi Tom

My histology was similar to yours. I had a convential RP with a post op detectable psa. Had RT a few months after. Suffered few side effects. So in my books it is an insurance policy that is worth taking with positive marginssuch as yours and mine.

Best wishes

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