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Frantic here again(Fran)- I slept pretty well last night and am trying to think things out more clearly. Just waiting to have that MRI test June 28th of the pancreas and liver. Does any one out there ever have along with their blood work for colon cancer this CA19.9 test?. Mine is elevated at 65. I did some research and it can also be risen due to pancreatitis.?? Not always related to cancer? Any help would be apprectaited. Your friend Fran

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I haven't had it, but when I switched oncs, she has ordered it. Says its newer...does a more inclusive job...sounds like a little TOO inclusive, from what you are saying...I will see her tomorrow...I'll ask....
Hugs for the research... Kathi

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I was recently dx with rectal cancer and had an elevated CA19-9 also. My CT scan shows a mass on the pancreas which the docs examined closely and feel it is just a cyst. Pancreatic cysts are becoming increasingly popular. It will have to come out after the rectum. My CA19-9 was 57, the upper limit of normal is 54 (for our hospital). Apparently CA19-9 can be increased for colorectal cancer too so that is probably what it is, try not to worry too much. ;)


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I only get on here every few days. I have been really busy.. my daughter is getting married on July 29th, so I'm sure everyone knows what that is like... I haven't talked to you for a long time, and I am sorry to hear you are having problems.. I was never tested for CA19.9 but I have heard of it... hopefully it is a complication caused by your meds.. and your Pet is scheduled for July 3. I just had mine on May 1st. NED... thank God.. but I had to wait 7 days for the results.. that was the worst part. Fran I pray for you that yours will be NED, and I'm sure it will, and that your elevated CA19.9 is related to your meds.

Gail your friend in PA

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