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I am a colon cancer survivor from August 2003. Brief history: Locally advanced Stage 4 colon cancer 8/20 lymph node involvement. Colon cancer started in the cecum colon extended across the pelvis and attached itself on to the sigmoid colon. The whole right side of the colon is gone.
I was left with a tranverse colon and part of the descending colon which has been temporarily disconnected. I have an illeostomy on the right side and a draining mucous fistula on the left which is part of the disconnected colon. Last pet scan January 2006 is normal. CEA has been 0.5 all along. I had chemo and pelvic radiation in 2004. Since 2004 I have developed this anemia which they now say I have myloid dysplasia syndrome. I receive transfusions every 6 weeks. On May 30th I developed very sharp stomach pains near the navel. I had no nausea or vomiting but I did have
alot of gas and diarrhea. I was admitted into the hospital because I felt very dizzy. Thru blood tests they found that my amlase and lipase was slightly elevated. I was given IV"s to be hydrated and the lipase and amylase came back to normal values the next day. I repeated the lipase and amylase the following week after being discharged from the hospital. Now they are even more higher. Amylase at 199, Lipase at 489, CA 19.9 IS 65.3. I still have diarrhea, not much pain, no jaundice. I had a sonogram of the liver and gall bladder which was normal. I am scheduled to have an MRI of the liver and pancreas on Wed. JUne 28th. I am completely panicking that the colon cancer which was in the abdomen has mets to the pancreas. Has anybody out there with pancreatic cancer had elevated lipase and amylase? I have no weight loss. I am beside myself that this adenocarcinoma has come back. Or my just panicking. Fran

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Your symptoms don't sound anything like what I've observed as pancreatic cancer. Diarrhea and weight loss, yes, but no jaundice and no apparent duct blockages, that shouldn't be an indicator. If you're worried about it, by all means get tested (and maybe a biopsy and endoscopy), but sounds like you've got a lot of other options before pinning it on pancreatic cancer. I'd eliminate the other possibilites first.

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Hi. I just now found this web site. How are things with you now? I am a cancer survivor os adenocarsonoma of eight years and natural treatment. There are things that CAN greatly help the body. Take care. Linda

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Hi Survivor8,
My brother was recently diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and I am afraid there is very little evidence of survival in this web site... He is going to approach it both naturally and clinically. I continue to pray.
Appreciate your comments

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Hello, I see your message was made in June, 06, but I haven't been on here a few months, but I was wondering how things went with the MRI of June 28, 2006, I was under the impression that Pancreatic Cancer metastisized to the colon, and I didn't know it could go the other way, from colon to Pancreas, but I guess that with all our parts together inside our abdomen anything can happen, I was just wondering how everything went and how you are doing and I hope you are doing well and that there was no metastisizing at all. My best to you, Jim

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