And things were going so well....

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So, a week ago, during a touch-base appt with my rad/onc for the bc rads, he asked if I had any problems. I mentioned that for about 5 days my hip has been failing occasionally. He got concerned, said 'Drop your pants' (he treated me for my crc, too), did a rectal exam right then and there...still didn't know, so he ordered a CT scan of pelvis and abdomen.
I had forgotten how much anxiety there is when you first think something might be cancer, but tests are still being evaluated! I give all the first-timers here an even BIGGER hug....I layed there in the scanner being really frightened! Thinking about what would happen IF...3 times in 2 years is just OVER THE TOP!
Luckily, I didn't have to wait scan was done at the same hospital as my rads are...the nurse looked up the results today....WHEW! Nothing has changed, no evidence of anything new...
My hip still is trouble, but now I can go to my reg doc....I know, can still be bone mets...but I have a gut feeling now that it's not...
Thanks for listening....4 more breast rads and then I'm finished!
Hugs, Kathi


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    eeek Kathi!

    Ohmigosh, I read your post in one breath. You had me breaking out a cold sweat just with the title. Whew, glad to hear the scan was clear! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you on the bone check, but like you said, it's probably nothing.

    Which reminds me of one thing - are you getting nupogen shots? They can make your bones hurt. They gave me tons of problems in my knees and lower back.

    Rads - 4 and counting down! You're almost there!

    Hugs and healing vibes to you,

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    Praise God, will keep you in prayer, tia
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    Your subject line had me worried too! Have read so many of your posts, I feel like I know you so well!

    May God continue to bless you. Hang in there, the 27th is coming!

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    Hi Kathi!
    Sending hugs for your scare! It seems that the docs so often blow off our concerns, so when they actually listen and get concerned, it can be really scary. Sending you positive vibes for your remaining treatments. Best wishes, Donna
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    I hope all is well,best of luck ,Ron.
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    Hi Kathi!
    You gave me a scare too! But you know, I have suffered from pain in my left hip for over a year. MRI,CT,endoscopy and bone scan have revealed absolutely nothing! Finally went to pain management doctor who belives I suffer from some combination of nerve damage, sciatica,and arthritis. But I want a definite answer!

    I too had forgotten the horrible anxiety. Routine scans are bad enough but when they are actually looking for something....Wow, that's really scary!!!

    Good luck with the rest of your treatment!!

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    Boy, Kathy,
    I can imagine that you were holding your breath this whole time; your post left me breathless, too!
    I'm so relieved for you that the results were clear. The anxiety you described is so real for all of us; that scanner seems like both a friend and an enemy; my hospital's scanner has "blue sky, puffy clouds" covers over the light panels in the ceiling, but I'm too nervous to appreciate them at the time.
    BTW, I don't know how old you are, but we women of a certain age, usally over 50, seem prone to hip inflammation/soreness things. My left hip can get such deep pain in the joint that it wakes me up at night. My work up was negative, even for arthritis. My massage therapist was the one who identified it as an inflammation of a large tendon, which she says a lot of older woman experience; physical therapist agrees. Massage, stretching, exercise and heat seem to help, along with a soak in a jet tub. Would be great if I had time to do all of the above!
    Continued best of luck to you; hang in there, the end of rads is in sight!
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    Oh Kathi!!!

    HUGS for the scare. I'm glad the scan was clear. It is kind of funny when we are glad it is a "normal" problem. I've gone to accupuncture for pain and it has helped. I'm now going to Reiki for the same thing. Good luck and hope it goes away soon. Take care.

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    Kathi -

    You scared me to death! I am so glad scan turned out ok - hopefully the hip issue is just one of those unfortunate things related to age. Sad as that is, it is at least not life threatening.

    Anyway, glad things seem to be OK. I think we will be having these "scares" for the rest of our lives.

    Take care,
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    kathi this is great news although you have to find a better way to post good news. so happy for you cherri
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    cherriann said:

    kathi this is great news although you have to find a better way to post good news. so happy for you cherri

    Great news Kathi..
    Just want to say that I have to agree with everyone on the subject line . Really had me worried . But was happy to hear that it was good news .
    My hips bother me too, seems to be quite the popular complaint .I am 46 and have had hip pain on and off for a few years . But acts up more often since starting chemo .
    Have a great day
    Take Care and God Bless
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    Your headline worried me also...I am glad to hear that your oncologist got things moving quickly..Hopefully your doctor can find out what is causing the failure in your hip causing you to fall.. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers..Audrey
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    BIG HUGS to all of you! I really didn't know (still don't, my primary won't see me till Monday...sigh...) what it is, but yes, it was a very scary experience! I am now walking with a cane, just to make sure I don't fall. Thank you to all the over-50's sharing of maybe it is just old lady joint pain...I so want to put all the big scary stuff behind me.
    I will keep you all posted, right now it's the old "be careful what you wish for..." I have lingering reactions to the barium and the iodine use for the CT...BUT it IS good news!!!! YEA!!!
    Sorry for the scare...
    HUGS, Kathi