update on recent cancer re-occurance

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Hi All, it has been a while since I posted and wanted to send an update.
Nov of last year cancer reoccurred but on the outside of the colon and it had spread. The Onc gave me a 1-2% survival. Since then I have taken some good advice from some wonderful people on this board and totally changed my diet, removing all sugars that are not natural and eating much more healthy. I also juice every day.

I started Chemo. Folfox it think for six months. Well the tumors had pinched off one of my ureters so I had to have a neph tube from my kidney to a bag on my leg. Fun fun.
My regime was a 4 step process. 1) trust my doctors but question everything they do. 2) do all I can to take care of my body by reduced sugars, eating the good foods and supplying my cells daily with good quality nutrients from veggies. 3). Positive attitude. I removed the 1/2 empty portion of the glass from my life. Only positive thoughts and beliefs - period. That is a hard and fast rule. Friends that were negative, I stopped calling them. 4) pray like there is no tomorrow – and 1-3 don't work without 4

Chemo was rather interesting. I got neuropathy quite bad, it is still getting worse now but has to be getting better soon. I had allergic reactions each time to the chemo so I had to be sedated and I got really sick during the chemo but not afterwards so thank God for that.

The good news, after two months the tumors had shrunk by over 50%. After 4 months, they were not detectable by CT/PET. I was scheduled for surgery to remove them but had to cancel since they did not know what to operate on. I still had this tube in my back and needed surgery to fix the ureter so my kidney would work normally. In May I opted for exploratory surgery. It was a long surgery, almost 6 hours and the outcome was great. No cancer, they removed quite a bit of scar tissue and all biopsies were negative. They also fixed my ureter so all is normal. Walking is slow and getting the inner parts to function right is interesting. I went from 185 to 140 lbs over the past 6 months. (what was interesting was that when I cut out sugar and started juicing, I lost 1-2 lbs every day until I reached 155 lbs. That was the weight I wrestled at in high school). Once I reached that weight, I did not loose another pound until I went into hospital. So if your looking for a good reason to cut sugar– weight loss baby

I have my next CT/Pet scan on July 29th . Am a bit nervous but turning that over to God and I refuse to think about it until the 29th. Why waste the energy before hand. This is a great site and I have learned so much from so many. Thanks all for your support. If anyone knows of a good cancer support group in Minneapolis, let me know.

Peace all. Limey.


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    I am glad that your tumors disappeared. That is the best result possible.

    I am going to be starting Folfox in the next week. Was diagnosed with rectal cancer April 2005, had chemoradiation (5-FU/rad) which shrunk the tumor alot. Had minor surgery to remove the mass-no cancer was found in it. However it came back and April 2006 I had an APR and permanent colostomy. The tumor was contained within the bowel wall and no positive nodes. However because of the recurrance and the fact that I had the prior radiation the oncologists think I should do the Folfox chemo and I agree. I am concerned about the side effects and would like to still work. I was able to work during the prior chemoradiation.

    I haven't joined an inperson support group yet but am in the Twin Cities and will be happy to talk to you if you like. I agree, even though I am a physician, that you need to question your treatment and look up as much information as you can.
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    I am happy for you, seems as if your 4 step regime helped you very much..I am on Folfox6 with 8 treatments left..I truly hope I can finish all of them. I love reading about good results and yours certainly lifted my spirits..I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers..Stay healthy, Audrey.
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    Wow, inspiring story. Your positive attitude shines through. Glad to hear the good news. Praying for more good news for you on July 29th.
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    It has been a long time since we've heard from you.....I'm so sorry about all that you have been through, but WOW what great news! You are a true fighter and what an inspiration.

    Your 4 step procedure to fighting this beast is wonderful and equals such good words of widsom as well as hope.

    Thank you for coming back to this site and sharing your story. You have helped more people than you know.

    My best to you for continued NED.

    I'll be thinking of you July 29th.

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    Don't you go staying away that long again!!!!!!!! I have been wondering about you. I am thrilled with your results and expect them to continue.

    Thanks for checking in and keep up the good work!!!!

    Lisa P.
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    Hi Limey,

    Your story is inspirational!! CONGRATS on the NED!! Celebrate. I will be thinking of you and sending good vibes for your test. The steps you put down are so true and everyone should follow them. Take care!

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    cat tomorrow...
    Please pray for another NED...This time I'm very scared because lately I have been feeling extremely tired...my last chemo was an year ago..and I dont think I should feel this tired...anyone out there still feel this way after a year ?? besides a have gain 20 pounds....
    any comments ???
    Thanks and God Bless
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    You're an inspiration!!!
    Wow! What a story!
    Your 4-step-4-cure is definitely working!

    Take good care,

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    Wonderful news, Limey. You are an inspiration!!! By the way, my cancer recurred outside my colon to my loin muscle. I am on chemo to shrink it. Where else did you cancer turn up? I also like your 4 step process. This is something we can all live by!!! Terri
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    Thanks so much for your post. Really need to hear the continued positive aspects of nutritional therapy over and over. All the best to you, and so glad that everything is coming up roses!!! - Maura
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    terril said:

    Wonderful news, Limey. You are an inspiration!!! By the way, my cancer recurred outside my colon to my loin muscle. I am on chemo to shrink it. Where else did you cancer turn up? I also like your 4 step process. This is something we can all live by!!! Terri

    Ihad three tumors. one attz hed to the outside of my colon - one on the same side of the body in the paretiniel tissue(sp)and on on the right side in the muscle tissue. that is why they gave me such crappy odds. fight hard and smile and laugh your **** off. cancer can get the body sometimes but we have to give it our spirit. it aint getting mine.
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    what can i say but wow!!!!!!!!
    what an attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep up the great work and maybe you can give me the diet you were on because i want to lose 75 lbs, and need all the help i can get. and yes it is in the man upstairs hands!!!
    god is good always.
    be well
    all the best
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    I loved reading your post! Love your attitude!