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Confused- questions

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I guess I am still in shock. My mother (73) was diagnosed with lung cancer 5/17/06. On 5/23/06 she started radiation. I think the whole family is in shock and we are piecing together bits of information. We found out there was cancer was also in the liver and in her back. She is losing weight rapidly. She has no appetite. She is barely unable to walk. My brother got her a walker. The radiation ends 6/26. My siblings and I are in desparate need of more information. We plan to meet with the doctor at the next scheduled appointment. Does anyone have any advice they could give, questions to ask the doctor, things to look out for? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi. I'm a lung cancer survivor. I am sorry to hear of your mother's illness. This is a very sad and confusing time for her and your whole family. The whole situation can be overwhelmong for everyone. You need to get somewhat organized, and decide who can/will accompany your mother to her doctor's visits. It doesn't always have to be the same person, as long as an accurate record of the information received is kept, so that everyone concerned is informed. Number one - do NOT listen to statistics. Statistics are generally the worst-case outcome scenario. This is a day-to-day fight, and that's how you take it, - one day at a time. Don't speculate. Right now, there is a lot of information being offered, but many time, emotions prevent this information from being absorbed. Take written notes. Ask about the type of cancer involved, - the treatment(s) proposed, - what effects the treatments will have, - what the caregivers (your family) can/should do to help. There is a lot of information available in the Resource Library on this website. Learn as much as you can about the specific type of cancer involved. Type words, for which you need information, into your web browser and you will find a lot of links to explore. And keep in touch with this message board. There are many helpful people here, who have a lot of experience with cancer and treatments.

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Thank you. After reading your reply I think we are on the right track. I just got back from a weekend with Momma and I have a lot of questions. Her appointment is on Wednesday. It's short notice but either me or one of my sibs will be there. From talking to Momma & Daddy, I know they are not absorbing everything. All that seems to be getting through is the next appointment date. I am pretty sure there is more that I can do, I just need to know what. Thanks for your information. It is very helpful.

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Desperate, in need of spark, am 50 with lung cancer. In need of someone to talk to, who feels the same way!


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I was diagnosed Stage IV NSCLC in August 2005 with a pleura effusion of the right lung. I was told that that there was no cure, that it was inoperable, and radiation could not be used.
If you would read my story posted on Lance Armstrongs web site type or paste this address in your browser:

Click on FIND A STORY at the left of screen; enter HAROLD in the first name box and NAPLES in the city box. Then click on submit. Click on the last name in read next to HAROLD. If you would like more info let me know. After you read my story you will be able to e-mail me. Ernie (Harold)

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First know that you and your loved ones reaction to this news is normal, fear, shock, disbelief, denail etc..

Next you are doingthe right thing in attending meetings with the doctors. Your Mom is in no shape to deal with this on her own.

Question I would ask you first is : How was this diagnosed? X-Ray, CT Scan, Pet Scan? All 3.

Why only Radiation? Why not chemo as well? Perhaps the doctors don't think she can physically handle Chemo(?)

If mum is not eating well then get the drink ensure. This has allot of the nutrient she needs to maintain her weight. Her lack of strength is partly due to the weight loss.

Most important is you and your family need to recover from the emotional shock quickly. You need to be positive and strong for your mother at all times. She needs this kind support now more the ever.

Do not allow Mom to be exposed to negative sobbing people. She needs total strong positive support.

Seek out profession help for yourself and your family. YOu all will needs a safe zone to express what you feel out of your mothers presents.

Get a voice recorder ask permission to record doctor patient session. You will miss many details in the meeting which you can capture and review on the recorder.

Finaly begin organizing a strong support system with friends and family. You will need this. Be sure to include your mother in deciding who she is comfortable in helping her with drives to Radiation and Doctors appointment. Believe it or not it may not be her best friend.

We are all here for you and your family.

Keep posting, asking questions we'll all help you through this.

God bless all of you..

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