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respond to Jams (breast cancer )

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It was dx after a yearly rutine check... I started doing it 3 years ago....(I'm 45 )
So is was a real surprise...The good news is that I just hadtoday the 6 month check up..(after dx and radiation ) and is NEGATIVE !!!!!!!
Good news once in a while is great !!! I was crying !!!!!
God bless u all....

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I am a Stage IV colon cancer survivor and have been off chemo for 2 months. I've had CT scans but no mamagram. I know we need to check on breast cancer, but will a chest CT find it as well as a mamagram. Just wondering. I'll go have that done, it just seems that they are always xraying my body. Thank you for your response. jams

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mine was Sooooooo small that the CT didnt show it. I had a ct a month before the mammogram and is was ALL clear...so...I guess that if is to small it wont show....
God Bless

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Hi all -

I would love to know more about how these scans (CT and PET) might relate to detection of breast cancer.

I had a "breast cancer scare" in February where I was sent back for additional compression and ultimately an ultrasound. This was one week after negative CT (chest, abdomen and pelvis) and PET (skull base to mid-thigh). Yet the screening mammogram showed something in both breasts. (I couldn't find any clear thoughts on whether or not PET would have lit up if local breast cancer was present.) Further compression ruled out the left breast but still showed "something" in the right breast. Ultrasound determined that something was a tiny cyst and not of concern. But CT hadn't shown anything. I'd be interested in the details of what CT can and cannot show. And whether or not a PET would pick up the same local breast cancer that a mammogram might. When they look at the "chest" with CT, does that really mean the lungs and area around it but not the soft tissue like breasts? Bet there are doc-types out here who know the answers to these questions.

Take care all,

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