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I am at 25

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I just had to share with you that I think we've found a combination the cancer doesnt' like. My tumor markers are down to 25 in just 8 weeks. The Avastin/Cytoxan combination is definitely doing something. I will continue getting this for another 4 months and then get a CT Scan.

Who would have thought after having the talk from my Dr in January about coming to the time when I will be going in and out of the hospital and asking me to what degree I wanted to be kept alive to feeling pretty good and tumor markers dropping. PTL

I am so grateful to have a Dr that looks outside the box. And is willing to try new combinations. One that is willing to fight with me for as long as I want to keep fighting also

Maybe I will see some of my grandkids graduate and the trees I have planted (and try to save from being deer food) grow tall. Randy is doing much better and not as crabby now that I am better. He finally shared how he was feeling, and how the thoughts of being alone were on his mind a lot. I am so grateful he could finally share what was bothering him. It is harder sometimes for those that will be left behind. But right now, as far as I know, I am not going anywhere. :-)

~God is good~

prayers and hugs bonnie

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Bonnie that is just wonderful! I hope that number continues to drop and that you feel well. God is indeed good, all the time!


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Bonnie, I am THRILLED for you! MM

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THAT'S WONDERFUL NEWS! I hope now you can have a bit of a breather knowing that those nasty cells can't compete with the new treatment. I'm also glad Randy was able to open up to you. I know my husband has his own thoughts and concerns and probably doesn't share them with me so I won't get concerned, or feel bad, etc. But I also know that my attitude and outlook has a lot to do with how his attitude is, as well as my children. So while all of us are being troopers to get through this, we realize it's not just for us but for others to gain strength as well. The Lord never misses the mark - He's sure that not matter what 'He has begun the good work' in all of us.

Well, again, YIPEEEE!
Hugs, hugs, hugs. . .

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Bonnie, how often do you have your chemo? And, also, what has your doctor said about this very impressive response? Boy, he sounds like the type of doctor we all need! Congratulations!!!! MM

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Thanks everyone!

MM I take an oral chemo daily Cytoxan and get the Avastin every other week.

You know if in the fall the ctscans still shows the tumors. We know I have at least bought some more time and haven't felt too bad adn who knows what they will have discovered by next year or even this fall.

(((((HUGS)))) and PRAYERS


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To Bonnie! Congratulations! That is awesome. Hope you feel better soon! Kim

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Oh My gosh Bonnie I am grinning from ear to ear,God is good. What awesome news! God only knows,and faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
Keep the faith! You have made my day!

Love and Blessings, Jan

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Fantastic! You never know what is in store for us and how our bodies will react. Never give up! MM needs to remember the combination of chemos that your own. Best of Luck, Always! Paula

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What great news that a good chemo combination has been found for you!! The Lord performs mighty works for His faithful. Continued blessings.

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Dear Bonnie,
That is such good news,God is good and he's right there with You. Your fight is very thought provoking,as is Your Faith-May God continue Blessing You and Your Family.
Love Always,

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Bonnie, I am very glad to hear you've had such a great response. One of my support group members had very good response to Avastin while she was taking it by itself, and I'm glad to hear you're doing so well with it, too!

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