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Does the diarrhea ever go away

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It's been over three years since my colon surgery and I still have emergency runs o the bathroom 2-3 times a week. Has anyone tried that new yoghurt Activia. It is supposed to help regulate intestinal problems. Any tips or advice would be helpful. Thanks, Arlene

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Hi Arlene,

I have digestive problems too, well I guess probably everyone on this site does.

I too am seeking some naturpathic approaches. Are you seeing a naturpath? Many health insurance programs will cover vistis nowdays.

I also am reading a book called "Digestive Wellnes" by Elizabeth Lipski. It is really educational for me.


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I've been on and off chemo, radiation for 3 1/2 yrs. Diarrhea is a normal part of being a semi-colon, however I know kanort will have another opinion on that.

I think it is normal is the final answer, but always check with your doctor.


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I have not had a big problem with this lately. I maintain a high fiber diet, take a multivitamin, and watch the stuff with high levels of artificial stuff. I had my rectum and sigmoid colon removed May 05. Unfortunately, I cannot eat yoghurt anymore...chemo/treatment made me lactose intolerant...hummmmmmm...wonder if THAT could have something to do with it...my symptoms were diarrhea/gas after eating dairy...
Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Arlene,

I'm with Kathi, some foods set me off and I am still trying to figure out which ones "get to me". Try to remember what you ate just before your "run". I am at the point in my "research" that I am testing the foods. So far, some dairy, all processed foods, greasy foods, and anything with high fructose corn syrup irritate the heck out of my tummy and digestive system.

Good luck to you as you figure it out.

Lisa P.

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It's a question I once asked as I had to leave a movie theater and race to a toilet.
I am 2 years post-op. Accidentally I found if I skipped lunch the looseness stopped. I have no idea why. Now I eat toast for br fast, an orange for lunch, and a somewhat normal dinner. It's been working for awhile now. I don't think anyone has come up with a magic cure. It's the lot of the semi-colons I suppose.

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Wow - this is really wierd!

I haven't done a scientific study on myself, but I have had the sense that lunch is more likely to disturb my intestines than either dinner or breakfast. I normally eat a light lunch, but when it comes to lunch I can no longer figure out what constitutes "light". I swear I can eat the same thing for dinner and be OK. So, I have become somewhat tentative about lunch. And when a social / work occasion arises that involves lunch, I am a) careful and b) prepared that some intestinal issues may follow.

How strange. I thought I was the only one!

Take care,

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Lunch has always been my trouble, too...
But, I have now been careful about eating ANYTHING unless there is a bathroom close, just in case....
Hugs, kathi

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Sometimes I wish for Diarrhea!! I've never had that problem - I'm one of the ones who stays constipated and full of gas!! No matter what I take or eat, I cannot get "regular". ;(

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I am new to this site, and we are in the same boat. When I talked to the medical pros it was very frustrating. So, I took it upon myself and I came up with something that works for me. I've been working on it for over 18 months, and I had to piece it together. What I am on is a wild diet; it is a combination of the American Diabetic Assosciation Diet, a high natural fiber/low residue diet, and a flatulent pervention diet.

Since my rectum is only 2 centimeters now, and I have additional medical problems so I have other things to consider.

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Ask your doctor about Questran. I posted about this earlier today on another thread too. My husband had the right section of his colon removed in Feb. 2005. A few months ago his surgeon recommended Questran for his diarrhea problem. It has really changed his life. Although this drug is specifically prescribed for people with high cholesterol, one of the side effects is that it helps control diarrhea. Please consult your doctor - it's an option worth looking into.

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