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Liver Cancer: Need Advice

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My mother (73 yrs) was diagnosed with liver cancer about 3 weeks ago. She started radiation therapy about 4 days after and will complete radiation therapy in 2 weeks. When she was first diagnosed, her primary care MD and oncologist did not tell us what type of cancer, stage, or anything. They just basically started her on radiation therapy. She is taking percocet for back pain.

Also, we had to get her a walker because she cannot walk on her own right now. Her legs are so weak. We don't know if it's because of the pains in her back or because of the radiation.

Can anyone give us some advice on what we need to do or ask the doctors? We just know the results of the biopsy, radiation for 2 more weeks and that's it. This is all a surprise to us and we're basically still in shock. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated of what we need to do. Thanks everyone.

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Hello!! I am sorry to hear about your mother. I am 51, and have primary liver cancer. Ask you doctor everything... what type of cancer.. did it start in her liver and is that the only place she has cancer. Also ask what is her options and if they are sure the radiation will work for her. Find out what stage they think it is in and ALWAYS REMEMBER... if you are not happy with their answers or results, seek a second opnion. I did and am glad I did. I did not take radiation but have been told by others that it can make you very weak. You have the right to know all there is to know about your mothers condition ..do not be afraid to ask. I will keep you in my prayers. Please feel free to talk with me at any time. In Gods Love... Barbara

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Hi! Thanks for the advice, Barbara. I was a little shocked--my mother's name is Barbara. She only has 5 more sessions of radiation remaining and then we meet with the oncologist to see what her options are and what they think should be next. It's a little disconcerting to see your mom not being able to get around. She used to take aerobics 3x/week and now her legs are so so weak that they can't support her. She can only basically lay on the bed and sit in the chair. We try to keep her laughing and her spirits up and let her feel what she's feeling--get a good cry in but always try to look the rainbow at the end of this storm. Thanks for your advice, Barbara. I'll keep you in my prayers! Bonnie

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i have now had 2 operations for firolamellar and would seriously recommend a tens machine for back pain. i have found this to be a godsend after both my operations as it seems to reach the parts that any painkillers(including morphine) just take the edge off. i hope your mother is ok and you have found the answers you were looking for.

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hi ebonysue. thanks! i hope you are doing ok after your 2 operations. are you doing chemo now? ok, a tens machine. it would be ideal if the tens works and my mom doesn't have to take the percoset. mom doesn't like taking it because it makes her drowsy and it just adds to the list of the meds that she currently takes. my mom seems to be doing ok. there is a lot of weight loss and we are encouraging her to eat little meals through the day. we meet with the oncologist soon and we have pages and pages of questions that we are going to ask and want answers for. the next CT should be this week. the last (hopefully) session of radiation was yesterday and my mom may start chemo tomorrow. the radiologist and oncologist are supposed to meet to review the results of the radiation. of course, we'll ask for a copy of those results too. thanks again for the tens machine advice. take care of yourself.

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One year survivor...I hope your mother's pain is being treated effectively. There are so many options, so I hope she is staying comfortable and as alert as she wants to be. Hugs and prayers, Kathy

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