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Upset Stomach from Chemo

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Hi, my name is Brianna, I am currently 14 and was diagnosed with Acute Lympphocitic Leukemia in April. I'm currently going through Chemo and it is making me have a very upset stomach. The docs have put me on medication to help, but my stomach is still very upset. Does anyone have anything that worked for them. My dad has me drink sprite and it helps a little (if I don't throw it up). Thanks, B

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Hi Waggy. I too was on chemo and had stomache aches.They prescribed Mylanta. Mine was not as bad so I dealt with the pain. There is another forum that is very good. Many people are on this site and answers any question. Even though it's title is Hodgkins or Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, you can still ask any questions you like. Good luck to you and stay well :)

Or search "webmagic forum"

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What kind of upset stomache, pain or naseau...my son had both, he was on prevacid for the stomache pain and I also gave him benefiber...as for the naseau he takes vistaril, ginger ale helps also, or any product with ginger, ginger snap cookies, ginger candy...ginger is a natural remedy for naseau....My son was very ill for several months, but then he got used to the chemo and we started to learn how to take care of the side effects and then all of a sudden one day he felt much better....I'm wishing that for you too, good luck!


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I am so sorry you have to go through this at such a young age. I am 22 years old and also going through chemo. I have anti nausea meds, but sometime it's just not enough. I started to drink mineral sparkling water and it has help tremendously! It is carbonated, but without all of that sugar that you get from Sprite. You might want to try it, sometimes I add a lemon or lime to add a little flavor. Good luck to you during this time.

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