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nervous wreck!!!!

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hi all,
well i signed the consent forms for the colostomy today. after discussing this with my surgeon it seems to be the only way out as the cancer has penetrated my spchinter muscle. my sur says it is a very rare case of adeno carinoma being so low he can still see it with the naked eye. so anyways this has been quite a upsetting and nerve racking day. i am so nervous about all aspects of it. the pain, the cancer spreading, my life with a colostomy. you know things like will i lose my business, which by the way my rich!! doctor tells me not to worry about. anyways thanks for letting me unload. by the way I WILL SURVIVE AND BEAT THIS THING.
take care, cherri

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You go girl! Stay positive!

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Cheri, you will beat this disease!!! You are still alive!!! We must do anything to keep on living. There are many on this web site who have colostomies. Please talk to them. They will give you hope!!! My prayers and thoughts are with you!!!! Terri

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Dear Ms. Cherriann: I am so sorry of what you are going through. I am in remission from colon cancer and I was fitted with the stoma bag. Although, I was very lucky and was able to have it reversed ten months later. If you trust your Doctor and the medical team you have, I believe you will be fine and in time you will adjust to the stoma bag. I feel the not knowing is the most difficult issue(s) that I deal with on a daily basis. Some days I am very scared and other days I am fine. Please hang in there and keep us posted. your friend joyce.

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hi cherri,
great attitude!!!!!
hope all goes well.
all the best

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Hi Cherri,

There are loads of people on this site that have bags and are living full lives. I'm sure they will answer this post. My mother in law had a bag and had it reversed after 2 years. She has chrones disease. There also websites that others have given to some in your predicament. Maybe do a search and you can find them. Good luck and HUGS because I know you didn't want this but it sounds like it is for the best at this time.


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My arms are around you, keeping you safe and secure. We will make everything just fine, as a family!
Hugs, Kathi

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You go girl! You'll beat this thing, and live life to the fullest with your colostomy bag!

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You will get through this. It might not be easy, but you will get through it. I had an ileostomy with my first surgery and couldn't wait to get it reversed. I spent the next 18 months in the bathroom or looking for one. I remember walking to my mailbox and having another accident. That and the sore bottom from so much use helped with my decision to have a colstomy done. Life is soooo much better now. I thought I would never feel better. But I feel great and so far NED. Thet is your goal here. There are many of us with colostomies that live normal lives. I have been selective with who I told. My sister doesn't even know. She has a big mouth.

I hope that you have a good stoma nurse. She will mark you preop where the stoma should go and is so important after the surgery.

Good luck and email me if you want any more info.


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cherriann: I know that you will get through this.
I will keep everyone in touch with what I learn on monday. thanks again, praying for you

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Hi Cheeriann:

Yes you will survive and beat ths thing!!! That's the spirit. I can definitely relate to your being nervous, anybody would. But ya know what - you're taking the bravest step to beat cancer, and that's when cure and healing begins! When is your procedure? Please let us know so we can organize a good-vibes-a-thone for you!


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Hi Cherriann,
I had a very low tumor as well. I had to sign papers and had the stoma site marked on my stomach before surgery. In the end the surgeon did not do it but I felt like I could deal with it, if I was going to live. I hope you feel peace about it when you go in for your surgery. Pretend we are all holding your hand, both hands! Stay tough, you can do it and we will celebrate afterwards!
Love and Hugs,

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Cherri -

You are being so brave. I can't share anything regarding a colostomy since I don't have one. But I know there are many people out there and on this site who have adjusted well. And the whole point, isn't it, is to defeat this beast! Your attitude is great and I know that will go a long way toward heping you beat this thing.

I admire you and take care,

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My husband had emergency surgery and woke up with a colostomy, he was pretty freaked out, I on the other hand was so happy to have him alive thatI was thankful for the colostomy for saving his life. The nurses in the hospital "Ostomy nurses" are gold, we even called them after we got home from the hospital. The supplies are hard to figure out. We ended up getting small bags that were vented and disposable. It was much easier for us. The vents kept the bags from getting puffy. Don't let your skin get irriated, the fit for the bag changes all the time, get help when you need it. My hubby didn't touch the bag for a few weeks, I did it all, eventually he came around and mastered it. No big deal. It didn't interfere with our love life at all. You will be just fine.

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