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Need Advice-New Drug

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Hi everyone,
I am usually in the colorectal forum and have never posted here before. However, I have a friend who has colon cancer that metastized to her liver and lungs. She was given all the necessary chemo to shrink the tumors in the lung only to find out that it did not work and two new tumors grew. She went to Sloan Kettering where they will be putting her in a clinical trial with the new drug Picioimumab. I hope I spelled it correctly. However, I cannot find anything on the internet regarding this drug. I am wondering if anyone here has heard of this chemo. I am so worried about her. She also still has the cancer in the colon, which they did not operate on due to the lung cancer. Any input or info will be greatly appreciated. Peace, Annette

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Hi-- I think you might be spelling it wrong. . . I checked too, and can't find anything on Google regarding "picioimumab". Especially since you say she's participating in a clinical trial, she has most likely received enough paperwork to "choke a horse"!

It's unlikely that a doctor would treat her with it without giving her this information. . . my mother is starting a new treatment today, and she came home from her last appointment with all sorts of handouts, brochures, instructions and so on. The brochures generally talk about treatment schedules, side effects, etc. I will have your friend in my prayers.

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Not sure if you'll still be checking this message thread after a month. Hopefully your friend is doing well and already found the answer to her question. I did a little searching for similar sounding drugs starting with p: panitumumab and pentumomab (formerly Theragyn). The second I've only seen mentioned for stomach and ovarian cancers, but maybe it will ring a bell.

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