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I'm sure some of you have had your port removed. What is the recovery like? I have been told that they will do that soon and I have things to do and places to go. Wondering how long it will take to snap back. My cathetar has a blood clot at the tip and they are not able to draw blood from it. Since I'm through with the chemo, they are taking it out. The blood clot has caused swelling in my face, neck and shoulders. This was very subtle at first, then quite swollen. After finding the blood clot in the CT scan and trying to disolve it, there is still a bit of swelling. I will be so glad to have it out, but I just hope my stage IV doesn't raise its ugly head again and we have to put it back in. Did they leave any of your ports in after you finished chemo or take them out? I'm afraid I'm rambling...but need to know so that I'm not too nervous about the procedure. jams

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HI jams. The port removal was 100% easier for me than the installation. It took about 30-45 minutes to put it in and about 5-15 to take it out. Pain was way less as well. Putting it in felt like a dislocated shoulder. Taking it out was very minimal. My father-in-law picked me up from the hospital after removal and we went to the NASCAR races all weekend. I used a few pain killers and I was basically good to go.

I hope your cancer doesn't raise it's ugly head again as well, but we all have to face that hope. If it does come back, you just deal with it once again and fight back knowing you can win again.

Congrats on finishing treatment and your upcoming port removal.

I actually looked forward to this surgery!


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I finished chemo November 05 and I still have my port. My onc hasn't mentioned it but I think they can keep that sucker in for a while as long as it isn't bugging you. Looks like yours was bugging you.

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Having my port removed wasn't bad at all. Taking it out was easier on me than putting it in. I went home took a nap and made dinner for the family after the kids got home from school just as I normally do. Good luck!

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At my 'bye-bye' visit with the crc onc, she said..."why do you still have that?" I went on to prove why...they found the bc, and used it again....
SOOOOO now that I'm done AGAIN, my NEW onc says "anytime".
I agree with sue that if it's bothering you, out it comes! The worst thing to happen is to get an infection...remember this goes into your most major blood pipeline!
And, the beast wouldn't DARE raise it's head again....
Hugs, Kathi

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Hi jams,
I also had problems with a blood clot in the vein above my port, and was on coumadin while I finished my chemo. I had a totally unrelated thyroid srgery scheduled 2 weeks after chemo, and had my port removed during the thyroid surgery. Unlike some folks, I couldn't wait to get my port out, and briefly considered asking if I could keep it and have it framed. I was always aware of it just under my skin, and found that bra straps and seat belts were just always a little uncomfortable.
While I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, the thyroid surgery sure kept my mind off my missing port. Except for some steri-strips and a little local discomfort, I didn't have any problems. I also went off the coumadin, since my clot was long gone. Some folks continue on coumadin for a while; worth discussing with your onc. Good luck with your decision and hang in there! Judy

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Judy, The way my swelling looked, it has gone down some since I started the coumadin, I think it could have been mistaken for a thyroid problem. I really do hate this port and like you always have. It does bother me in a seat belt. Not that I want to complain too much after all the other stuff I've gone through. jams

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Hi Jams,

I just wanted to say if you have a clot and they want to take out the port, it sounds like a good decision. I hope they are working on getting the clot desolved. I have a clot still that possibly from my port. I had the old one taken out and a new one put in the same place after they did an angioplasty and thrombosus (rotorooter for the vein/clot). Good vibes your way and make sure they put you to sleep. I had all this done while awake and I wouldn't recommend it. Take care.


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I had my port taken out when I had my second reconstruction surgery (3 months after the end of chemo). It was such a relief to have it out, even though it has not healed very well yet and left a really quite nasty scar. I was one of those who was always aware it was there and my HMO didn't have the facilities (so they said) to EVER get blood from it, so it was only used for the chemo. I don't remember having any pain or discomfort from the removal, but then I was having other pain from the other surgery. You shouldn't have any problem doing things after it's out, but remember it is surgery, so you still have to recover from the anesthesia and drugs they give you for the surgery. Unless you have only a local anesthesia, but I am one of those like Ifondots63, I would have to have it done while I'm asleep (both putting it in and out). Great luck to you and I'm sure you will be fine and happy it's gone.

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I was done with chemo in July 2002, and still have my port. I was stage 4 and plan on removing it this Oct, my 5 yr anniversary since my diagnosis. I have had no problems with it, but if I did, I certainly would have removed it right away. It doesn't bother me to still have it.

Take care,

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Hi all -

I never had a port. Toward the end of my chemo my chemo nurses were urging me to get one. I wasn't excited about it and the doctor always said we'd take a break soon and so let's go a couple more without it. I think I am glad I did that - reading about blood clots scares me. I had wicked oxaliplatin neuropathy in the arm that received the chemo, but it was always transcient and I have no residual neuropathy (6+ months post chemo) and no vein problems with starting IV's or taking blood (other than the ones I have always had due to tiny veins.)

My onc says that if we have to do chemo again, we should do a port. I don't even want to go there now, but if and when it comes to that I will pursue the reasons why. The nurses felt bad that my arm stiffened during oxaliplatin chemo. I felt good that three days later it was almost fine. So if and when it comes to that, we will talk more. But listening to all these blood clot stories does not make me wish for a port!

Good luck all.

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It's easy to get it out. The surgeon did it under local in his office and I didn't need anything more than aleve. I played tennis in a match 10 days later. You'll feel better without that bumpy port getting smushed every time you get a good hug!

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My hubby finished chemo in February for Stage 4. In March he asked the onc about removing the port. Onc would not discuss it. Said he could ask again in June. The look I got from the onc at that time said it would not happen in June either. Some of your post indicated that you began cumidon(sp) after complications. Our onc prescribed this drug for the day the port was placed. Hubby stayed off it for three days befor a colonscopy. He will continue drug as long as he has port to prevent blood clots. I assumed that everyone took the stuff. Maybe not. Since you finished with chemo I think having it out is a good thing. Hope that all goes well.

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Hi jams,
I had my port removed one month after finishing my chemo in my surgeons office also and it only took 45 minutes. Very little pain and recovery was fast. I hated my port, it bothered me the whole time I had it. The tube stuck out over my collarbone and was in the jugular vein so it was totally uncomfortable. It was put in by a different surgeon. Unfortunately I had a recurrance 4 months later and had to have another one put in during the surgery to remove more tumors. Thankfully this one is much better and I don't think I'll be in such a big hurry to have it removed as long as I don't have any clots or problems. Good Luck to you and don't worry, it won't hurt. Kandy

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Hey Jams, I had mine out, out , out! Finished chemo May of 2005 and had it taken out in Sept. 2005 after recovering from chemo and all of my post-chemo testing. i was thrilled to have it out...it caught/rubbed on my seat belt which was really a pain...literally. I had a lot of pain with the insertion and the removal, but it is over and life goes on. I loved the thought of having it taken out...My emancipation from chemo!! Anyway, just my two cents...Take care and I hope you are happy with your decision, Maura

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