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OK, so I am trying. I try to eat right and get some exercise. I am nice to small fuzzy animals and mindful of my manners. I read these posts almost every day. I get inspired. SOmetimes I follow through, sometimes...well, I try.

Here is my problem. I just got back from the grocery store with my organic carrots, granny smith apples, green pepper, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes and this thing. Beets. Complete with LOTS O" greens and dirt on the beets. I haven't the faintest idea what to do with it. ( curb your desire to tell me what to do with it...Sponger)

I have never cooked, cleaned or anything with a beet. Oh, I did eat some once. I know they are supposed to be good for you.

So, help me. What do I do with this strange veggie????

Any help will be grealy appreciated. I will not accept suggestions that include alcohol or mind altering herbs :).

Let me have it.


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Hi Barb,

I have the same problem. My sister brought me some beets that I have to clean and cook. I think you clean them first and boil them. You then peel them. Help somebody if that is wrong. I love beets and I can have them while being on cumadin. Whoo hoo.


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Ok, beets - the key key thing is NOT to cook them coz you kill the live enzymes, the most beneficial thing in them.

Ideally you get the organic ones. Wash them w/ a veggie brush, pay specific attention to the greens if your had any. That stuff is usually mud-filled. Then cut them into little pieces and juice them! Beet juice is so yummy! You can juice the leaves too.

If you don't have a juicer, then cut them into tiny little pieces that you easily chew, try eat some raw. Veggies really do lose lots of their nutritional value when you cook them. Ok, the exception being tomatoes. The lycopene gets more effective with cooking.

Hope this helps.

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thanks Ying, I have had organic beets in my fridge for ever....they go bad and I go get some more and wait...I've been afraid to juice them for fear they will make me gag!! I'll try them now. All juicing recipes call for using the whole beet, but I didn't know if that meant the greens too.


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Maybe adding beets to the Mangosteen juice will really increase all the good stuff. Heck, try mixing it all with some RUM - now that's a party. Hee hee.

I actually love beets in salad and stir fried in Indian seasonings. I do prefer them cooked - steamed a little soft. I will have to try them raw.

good luck with all the juicing. jana

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Hi Kerry:

Teehee I have the same routine w/ organic brocolli. I buy the best and let them rot. I also put the old one out for the deers that come through my year :)

Yup, with beet juice there's always the concern w/ gagging. It can be a bit strong. My husband dilutes it and mixes it with other juices. I just do it shot style - bottoms up :)

I am thinking there's a Bloodier Mary in there somewhere, a little salt and tobasco would probably help a bunch. I'll have to try it and get back to you!

I think whole beet do mean the greens too.


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Here is what I would do with beets: clean them, wash them, boil them until they are soft. Then peel them, slice it. You can eat it just like this - sprinkle some oil on it and vinegar. Or you can add to the salad.

Also go to google.com, enter "cook beets" in the search and you will get a lot of information about what to do with beets.

Good Luck!

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Oh Honey....I'm here!!

Ok, here's the deal.......raw foods are best , yes, but I prefer to steam my beets a bit to soften them IF I don't juice them. Beet juice IS yummy.

This is what I do:

wash well, cut into either small cubes or slices and steam lightly. Spritz with flax oil. Eat. Yum!

Then leftovers go into my salads cold. Yum too!

I LOVE beets!

There are a few veggies that I just don't do raw:

broccoli, beets, cauliflower--I don't know what it is but I just cannot eat them raw. And I LOVE my veggies.

So let me know how it goes.

Oh yeah, and don't be surprised when your poop turns red. Don't freak it's not blood just the beets!

peace, emily who likes to be colorful all the way around.

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I thought you'd graduated to doing onion and garlic juice by now :) Teehee!

Yeah you're right about the rainbow color poop you can get from different veggies. It really freaked me out the first few times.

After my husband and I settle on the brown rice and lots of veggies diet, we were also freaked-out/totally impressed with what we fondly dubbed the incredi-poop, from the sheer volume of things -

All right, nouf poop talk :0


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Barb: Here are two good books on raw veggies; lots of great recepies and how to suggestions.

"The Complete Book Of RAW FOODS" by Baird
"Raw Food Made Easy" for 1 or 2 people by jennifer Cornbleet

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I am not a Beet lover.

When I started juicing them with my carrots and apples I started with just a small piece and gradually added more. That way it didn't just make me want to gag. Juicing does you absoluetly no good if you can't drink the stuff.

FYI, I peeled my beets. Don't know if that's what you're supposed to do, but it's what I did. I would peel it just prior to juicing.

Now, I need to get myself back into juicing.

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Thanks Barb,

I have finally found my niche here!!!!! The beet juicing guru. I juiced them twice a day for almost a year, and now 2-3 times a week I juice just carrots much more often now). I combined mine with carrots, celery, and cabbage (equal parts of each). I started with small chunks and worked my way up to a beet that was a little smaller then my fist. I washed them with a veggie brush. If it was a smaller beet, I included the greens (if they were fresh). If not, I scrubbed it good cut off the rough top and root bottoms, quartered and juiced them. If it was a huge beet, I just cut it in half, put the unused half in a baggie and used it the next time.

Beets were considered the fruit of royalty in ancient China for it's healing powers.

Personally, I think it's juice could be used for dye products. It's potent stuff especially if you let it sit (DO NOT DO THAT).

Lisa P.

Posts: 768
Joined: Aug 2004

Thank you everyone for such wonderful suggestions.

I'm going to throw a small piece into my carrot/apple juice this afternoon.

I'll let you know how it goes....down. :)

Love to all,


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Hey Barb, In addition to juicing the beets (really better in a mixture...I make sure that my juicing is no more than one third to one quarter beet) you can shred them for salads...the way one would shred carrots for a slaw type salad. Also, roasting them is easy and really wonderful. Just wash, take off the ends, coat with olive oil and good sea salt and place in a medium oven. Test and in about an hour they should be tender and really good...the flavors are concentrated and it is a fool-proof method of cooking them. Just another thought. You can probably also look up things like this on the Food Network website or use Google to pull up some great recipes. Goat cheese and roasted beets is a classic and really great menu item with some greens and a nice vinaigrette. Okay...hope you are enjoying them, Maura

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geez maura! your beets sound downright gourmet!

Oh and Barb, I don't ever peel mine. 1) didn't know people did 2) peels often have the vitamins in them

And I never drink pure beet juice! I always mix it with my carrot/apple mixture.

peace, emily who finds beets are great for fiber too (that sheer volume stuff!! haha)

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I'm just a lurker, but the Jewish mother in me wouldn't let me pass this one up.

Peel beets and grate them. Add to pan with enough water to cover by an inch. Boil until beets are fully cooked - about 30-45min.

Remove from heat and cool liquid and beets in the fridge. Once cooled add lemon juice to taste. This makes a lovely summer soup. Mix in either sliced raw cucumber or raw avocado. Also good with a a hard boiled egg sliced in. Top with sour cream if desired.

The cold cooked beets can also be chopped and served in a salad of mandarin oranges and walnuts.


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