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Hey all you groovy Semi-Colons!

So, I thought I would start a thread comparing our ages at dx so Kathi can compile some data for her Big Mouth Campaign.


(but tumor was there 5-10 years)


(my sister was dx'ed but had been sick
years and misdiagnosed b/c of her age
so when they finally found the tumor it
was waaaaaaay too late. *$%@!!!!

love you all!

peace, emily whose son is getting his first colonoscopy at 20 yrs old

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I was told the cancer had only been there a couple of years at age 60.

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Dx'd at 39. Was told the tumors (2 of them) have been there 2-3 years. Have been violently sick for a year and half, but the doctor did not have the wisdom to give me a colonoscopy. Had there been a guideline on testing younger folks, my cancer would most certainly have been discovered earlier.


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I was diagnosed at age 55 - so not atypical - but I am sure it had been there a few years. I was given the standard speech to have your kids scoped at 10 years prior to your diagnosis - in this case age 45 - but I am way uncomfortable with that. Age 30 is the max I am willing to go and if insurance won't pay, I will - and if I am no longer around, it will be in my will. They'll inherit enough to pay for a few scopes. Of course I have to convince them, but I will!


Good idea to start this.

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diagnosed at 43. very rare adeno carcinoma but cancer grew down instead of up so i will probaly be loosing my sphcinter muscle. if only my gyno had taken my complaints more seriously in 5/05 i may be in a better situation. this is another topic gyno should be more aware of this cancer because they are the ones who you would most discuss this with. as i said before my gyno didnt seem to think nothing of it.

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I was diagnosed at age 28. (Never asked how long the tumor had likely been there.)


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32 at diagnosis. Symptoms for about 10 months prior. No clue how long tumor was present. Probably around 5 yrs.

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Diagnosed at 25, tumour had been there for at least 5 years. Several specialists told me there was nothing wrong with me before one ordered a colonoscopy. If the first one had tested me, I would still have all of my colon and a rectum!!!

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Diagnosed at 37. Tumor there probably 5-10 years also.


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Hey girlfriend!!!!!!

Dxed age 49, tumor probably there 5-10 years but since it did not bleed, 2 physicals and the poop on a stick test missed it. Due to other emotional melodrama going on in my life, I didn't notice any symptoms.

Lisa P.

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Diagnosed 3 weeks after turning 50.

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Diagnosed at age 50. Doctor said it had been there for approx. 10 years.


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you probably already know this, but I was dx'd in Oct/2000, age 63. Tumor probably there for a year..Dr had advised colonoscopy not needed in 1999.

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Husband was dx at age 54 (stage 4). Don't know how long the tumors (2) had been there. Doctor strongly suggested son be tested as well.

Son tested last month. Four polyps, one was huge. Doc said it would have been cancer in two years. According to guidelines, son should have had first colonocopy 15 years from now.

Son is only 29. Thankful for an cautious doctor.

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My husband had just turned 40 when dx'd with stage iv (liver met was 18cm). He was showing signs for about a year. Of course, we both thought it was stress and he had ulcers. That "guess" bit us in the booty!! My sons will definately be in the docs office at 25!!
Happy compiling!

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1 month before my 60th Birthday, No symptoms (I swear) I time gross bleed. Colonoscopy found 3cm bleeding polyp tested as benign. Sigmoid resection found to be stage III x 2 lymph nodes involved. currently finished 2 rounds of folfox, 28 rounds of continuous chemo and radiation 5FU.
Still 2 more months of chemo to go...

My "kids" aged 30 and 35 are scheduled for coloscopy.

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Diagnosed at 34. Stage 3b rectal cancer. Symptoms for 5 months during pregnancy. No one took me seriously. Had serious pain. No one will take a guess at how long there.

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Diagnosed at age 33, stage 4 (liver mets)...been clear 5 yrs this October.

Symptoms for 7 months before dragging my @$$ to the doc to figure out sore tailbone.

I have a "happy ending" now, though! (lol)


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Diagnosed the day after I turned 27. Tumor present (polyp) for around 10 years. Cancer present around 5 years. Misdiagnosed for at least 3 years because of age. Again Misdiagnosed for a few months because of my age until I went from doctor to doctor until one would send me to a gastro (who couldn't believe it was cancerous). Been clear since operation 10/08/2004.


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Hello ..I was 45 when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 .I was told I was going through menopause and given meds as they thought I was just under to much stress !! Not as much stress as I am under now !!!!!
Take Care and God Bless

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Dx at age 28, stage 4 with Liver mets. DR's didnt estimate how long tumor had been there since I had been misdiagnosed for over a year due to my young age!

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Wife diagnosed stage IIIC at age 45. Surgery Oct. 2004. Had annual followup CT scan today, and we are holding our breaths until Thursday's visit to oncologist.

Her father was diagnosed Stage II at age 53. Doing fine 20 years later.

Our daughter has already been scoped at age 23, and 19-year-old son is not far behind.

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THANK YOU ALL for your responses, and, Emily...you are such a dear for starting this! I will keep fighting till my last breath...any misdiagnosed case is REDICULOUS if the doctor wasn't looking for crc from the start...and, picture this:
Little me...in a room full of health providers, scolding them for not looking at US, the survivors, instead of some statistics. The gal from the California Tumor Registry was there, and when she said that "cases below 50, although tragic, are not a significant number". MAN, did I get HOT at that...ESPECIALLY since her figures were from 2003!!!!!
Hugs to all,
big mouth Kathi

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My husband was diagnosed Stage IV with liver mets at 56...only symptom was severe back pain-he slept in a recliner -unable to lay down at nite when pain would be at its worse-took them 3 months of testing to diagnose....still has severe pain,but it is managed with medication-no one can understand why he still has the pain.

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Hi, I was dx with breast cancer at 44 years old Colon Cancer stage 3-2 pos nodes at 46 years old. Doctor said I could have had the colon cancer for 10 years prior large tumor. Then at the ripe old age of 49 years old Colon Cancer that metast. to my liver.

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My husband was diagnosed at age 34, Stage IV one liver met.

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I was dx'd at age 57 in April of this year. Polyp was over 2 1/2 inches..no real symptoms. Had a right hemi 4-21-06, staged IA.

Anonymous user (not verified)

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I was 31 years old when I was diagnosed. Like others they believed that my polyp had been there for 10 years or so......
I was stage III when diagnosed but later found to have mets to liver and lungs. I am 36 years old now!

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Diagnosed at 43 years, hemicolectomy and resection of one large liver met-- stage 1V. That was in 1993, still NED today.

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Hi Emily,
My hubby was 51 when dx stage4 (rectal tumour and liver mets) no family history, his 10 siblings have since had colonoscopys and 3 of them had polyps.
Interesting post ,

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Diagnosed in oct 2004, stage 4. Age at dx 44. Father had stage 1 cancer way back, but had colostemy, no chemo, lived for a further 20 years, never had recurrence.

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1 month shy of 47, diagnosed with stage 3. Tumor was huge, so was probably there for a while, 5-10 years.
Age 48 when i was told it had progressed to Stage 4 despite chemo/radiation, surgery, and more chemo.

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Lisa Rose
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Diagnosed at age 40 stage 3c with 10 positive lymph nodes. My Dr felt it was also there 5-10 years.

I have 7 siblings that also went for colonoscopys and 4 of them had polyps.

Lisa Rose

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Hey Granola momma!

I think we should all copy this thread and post it all over the world!!!!

Stage 3 Rectal CA diagnosed March 2004 at age 42. Had a colonoscopy 3 years prior ( routine- dad had colon CA at age 65 ) which showed nothing. So, either he missed it or it was a very agressive tumor.( more likely).

NED coming up on 2 years.. soon...really soon.

My 3 girls will be in the doc's office in their early 20's.

Barb ( who hates this disease )

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Diagnosed at with rectal cancer 56. No symptoms except for some blood in stool. Went to doctor within 2 months and he said must have growing for 5 years. Stage 3. NED for 2 years 5 months. Thank God. Peace, Annette

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My mom was 55 when diagnosed in 2004. Her brother died of the same cancer in 2000. He was diagnosed at 53. Because of my uncle she had a colonoscopy at 50 years old and no polyps were found so they told her to come back in 5 years. She went 5 years later and her first polyp turned into Stage 3 rectal cancer. Six months before her colonoscopy she did start having symptoms. Urgency to go to the washroom and lower abdominal pains.

Thankfully my Mom is approaching her 2 year anniversary of NED on July 8th.

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Scott was diagnosed at age 42. Doc said it's been growing for approx 10 years. I just realized a couple of days ago that when Scott and I got married on 11/18/95, the tumor was already starting :-(


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Diagnosed at age 52. Signet ring cell in cecum. 2 1/2 cm. Had off and on symtoms of IBS for 15 years. Nothing really bad. Tumor spread to ovaries, tubes, and uterus. The cancer was discovered by accident. I was having heavy periods. By ultra sound they saw masses on my ovaries. They thought I had ovarian cancer. Hysterectomy was done. It took them 3 weeks to determine I had colon cancer. I had severe pain in the cecum area in the late 1980's. Elevated white count. Nothing was done. My guess this cancer has been in me for 10-12 years. Recurrence this past December with two small tumors in my pelvic area. Inoperable. I am stage 4. My granmother was dxes at age 84 with colon cancer. That was in in 1983. This disease makes me sad and angry. But I am alive and kickin!!!

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Age 47 when diagnosed... Had IBS symptoms (at least I thought that what it was) for approximately 15 years.. Had bleeding and immediately called Gastro. Dr. He felt that nothing was wrong. Told me since I was close enough to 50 to go ahead and make colonoscopy appointment, but no need to hurry since no family history of colon/rectal cancer... Felt something was wrong so took the next available appointment... Sure enough woke up with the Dr., nurse and my husband staring at me... I knew right then that I had CANCER... Went through CT scans, ultra sounds and LOTS of blook work... Diagnosis was Stage III B, but they can't be sure until surgery.. Went through radiation/chemo and surgery is scheduled for 7/7 and chemo after that...But, I am doing well and my two daughters will be getting tested early...I will make sure of that... Father and Mother just had first colonoscopy after I was diagnosed.. Both are strong and healthy...

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My mom was 61 years old. She had NO symptoms and had been getting flex sig tests regularily. She had one small flat polyp with a small amount of cancer. Six months later she had hundreds of implants in her abdomen and diagphram area and over 20 tumors on her liver. ): Fought like hell but none of the treatments stopped it. Passed away at age 62.

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WOW guys,...you are SUPER!

I am compiling a WORD document, sans names, of all of your comments...When I am done, I can e-mail to you if you want....or maybe better to put in Expressions gallery...I'll keep ya posted...
Thanks again for the fuel for my fires!!!

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Dx Stage IV April 2005 at the age of 41.

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Age 47, stage III c, 13 positive nodes. Probably there for years, symptoms for at least a year. At 49, NED!

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I was diagnosed stage four at age 35. I'll turn 37 next month.


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diagnosed with rectal cancer in March 2004 at age 46. cancer returned in lung in October 2005. I had symptoms for years that I ignored and some that just were misdiagnosed.

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I was 46, dx'd with stage 3, 2 pos. nodes, no family history, tumor was huge.

I am now 3 years, NED. Yippee


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My Dad was diagnosed with Stage III at 59. He had no symptoms.

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Hi Kathi,

I was dx at 42 but was having symptoms that I thought like others was my IBS for at least 1 year continuously. I had small instances for about 5 years. I didn't ask how long had tumor but it was so big is was almost blocking the colon so it was probably there for a few years. Didn't find out until dx that my uncle had a bowel ubstruction years ago and a colostomy bag for a while. I had my sister go for a colonoscopy and she is clean. Not even polyps. Whoo hoo. One down and now hubby and kids to go. My kids are young but they will get it at 30 if I have a say and will fight to get it done. Great post and I think you should send this to the board that said it is uncommon. I think this is getting more common since people are hearing about colon cancer. Take care.


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Hey Em,
Great idea!
I was diagnosed on baseline colonscopy at age 53, NO symptoms, but 1 small polyp: stage III, 1 positive node.
My father was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 82, died of metastatic disease at age 85.
My kids will be getting scoped long before age 43! (My dghtr's doc is recommending scope at age 30) Judy

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I just read all the posts from dx at age.....??
It makes me sad and mad.....Mad because this "demon" has been around for YEARSSSSSS and now more and more young people get the disease...How come there is no cure yet ???????? HIV patients ( and God bless them to ) are living for ever now.....wweeeeeee....and this new demon came around what.....25 years ago ???
Just cannot understand why arent we doing more....the goverment, the pharmaceuticals...
There is something wrong...more and more people get Dx every day , younger and younger...is it the food ( even though vegetarians get colon cancer ? ), the enviroment, the air ? What ever it is we need a cure NOW and we need to find out where,why, how is coming from.
Sorry...but got upset for a while...I will breath now.....
God bless you all.....


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