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A Beautiful Day

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Joined: Apr 2006

It's a beautiful day in NC for celebrating Survivors' Day! I hope you all have something special planned. As for me, I have graduation for my youngest son, Deuce a 6 month old Great Dane, from Obedience class! I guess that makes me a double survivor...cancer under control and so is he!
Seriously, hope you all have the best possible day.

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Weighing in from Southern California!
It's a beautiful day here, too!
Hugs, Kathi

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Texas reporting sunny skies. I beautiful day to be a survivor!! (of course, everyday is a beautiful day to be a survivor). Happy Celebrations


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Hi everyone.

Well, it finally stopped raining here in NY, but gray skys are all around. I don't think we will see the sun till next weekend. ( ahh...what do the weather men know anyway!!))

The hospital where I had my surgery, is having a "Celebration of Life" party today. That's where I am headed right now.



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I am in Istanbul, Turkey right now. It was a hot, sunny day that has given way to a windy, cool evening. I can now hear the call to prayer from at least three different mosques as I sit here in the Internet cafe, rather enjoying the smells of Turkish coffee and the interesting gypsie punk music that they play all the time. I came here (but went to some other places first) to celebrate one year of life after my stage four cancer diagnosis last May (and there were a few other reasons as well). I did not even know that this is Survivor's Day. The trip has inspired me to make some new changes when I return, and reinforce some earlier changes. And by the way, the Balkans may be the worst place in the world to try to maintain an anti-cancer diet. They eat beef for breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner, late-night snack ... it's always beef with a side of Turkish coffee, cigarettes, and beer. Anyway, happy Survivor's Day!


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Hi Joyce,

Like others, every day is great when you are a survivor. I spent the day with my family to celebrate. Try to do that more since my dx, especially with my kids.

Poor Rodney, should we send you a care package with some healthy food??? Sounds like you are having fun though on your travels.

Have a GREAT day all!!!


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And it is a beautiful day here in the San Francico Bay Area! My husband and I have to go to the office and work for a while today - we have our own company, so we kind of work all the time. Our office is about 10 miles from our house, we'll ride our bikes there! How's that for a celebration of new found health!

We saw "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore's movie on global warming. So, to help the planet with the cancer that's plague its healthy, we are reducing our carbon emission to 0 today!


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Ditto that it is a gorgeous day on the Peninsula of the SF Bay...Woodside could not be more lovely!
Hope you had a good ride - Maura

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It's a beautiful day in the Washington, DC area too. I planted an herb garden this afternoon - all organically grown tiny herb plants. Basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, chives, mint...... Yum! Can't wait to start harvesting!


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Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme?

Did you sew a chambray shirt?

Simon & Garfunkle would be proud.

(I chuckle as the young survivors like Rodney & Tennislover scratch their heads at my cryptic message) -

Happy Survivor's Day EVER'ONE!

- Sponge

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It is a beautiful hot day in TX. I planted mint a few years ago and it spreads like crazy. So if you don't want a ground cover where you planted it be warned that you will have one by next year. Mint is more tanacious about life than we are. jams

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Hi Joyce,

Where in NC are you?????? It is a beautiful day at my house just outside of Greensboro, NC.

Lisa P.

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