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I had a biopsy done on my thyroid and it came back suspicious of fallicular neoplasm(spelling)I would like to know if any one here has had thyroid cancer and had swelling in the tonsils? I have voiced my concern about lymphoma but my drs seem to think it all has to do with what is going on with my thyroid,I'm so scared I'm stressing like you would not believe.Any one with answers would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi... I'm sorry you are going through this.

Yes, a thyroid neoplasm - benign or malignant - can apply pressure on the voice box, area of the tonsils, etc - or it can have no symptoms at all.

The first thing to keep in mind is that 90% of nodules found in the thyroid and area are benign - so most will ultimately be something like a follicular adenoma (benign) or goiter like growths. These are very common, too - and unless they have symptoms, can be completely silent.

Often if you have had a suspicious fine needle aspiration/biopsy, they will remove the neoplasm to do complete pathology - have they suggested surgery for you?

Perhaps this site can help give you more information. Personally, I find that the more I know, the more confident/relaxed I am:

I have a lot of thyroid cancer related links on my personal web page here, too, that may be helpful. But do try to keep in mind - 90% of these growths will be benign, and can be controlled with thyroid hormones - hopefully that is the case for you! I do understand how stressful this can be, but the best thing is to find out for certain, with further testing and/or surgery, if your doctors recommend this.

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I am scheduled for surgery for the 23rd of June I go for my pre op on the 12th which is next week and I plan on letting the surgeon no of my thoughts and scares that it might be lymphoma. I just am having so many symptoms and they don't seem to point to thyroid cancer atleast not what i've read.

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