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Would luv some positive stories...

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Hi everybody.

I've changed from the lung cancer group to here.
My Dad (who is 56) is having a few setbacks at the moment. We just found out that he has a tumour on top of his brain (1.5cm). He had lung cancer but had been in the 'all clear' for 5months, of course we were all ecstatic. Doctors were very impressed with the results.
So now this...
I'm just wondering if any of you have any stories (positive) that might help me (to help him). It's operable and he's going into surgery next Wednesday. Thats about all i know. Altho I know we have beaten the odds before this, and i have been very angry this time around that it has happened again. However i have calmed down now and i'm ready to help fight and get rid of it. The other discussion group really helped me to feel positive about my Dads cancer, and i would appreciate it so much if you could help me.



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i have had 3 brain tumors and i am here to type you this reply with positive support i had a great family to get me through my tumors and most of all i had faith in the lord jesus christ.he promised me HE will never leave me nor forsake me HE GAVE me a peace that surpassed all understanding "HE said you are in my hands and i will see you through it to the end.just have faith in ME"13yrs later i am feeling great.take this to heart and give support and encouragement when needed.god bless you! mark a.

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Hi Holly,
my mom has brain cancer (GBM IV). she was dx in dec. 05 had surgery jan 4th this year and again in april. she has had a clear MRI now twice! we missed her MRi this week because she was in the hospital due to fever. she spent a week in there and they determined that it was from the chemo. we just got home last night. this has changed our life for sure. This is something that takes over. I've met people on here that are doing very well. I hope you father does well also.

I'll write again, Janine

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Hi Holly~ I'm sorry that you have to go through all of this. Sometimes I think it is harder for the caregivers and family than for the patient. I was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma, grade 3, in August 1996, and I am currently planning a party to celebrate my 10th year of survival! My doctors have said that think it's gone and is not coming back. So...it can be conquered! Please contact me if you have any more questions. Kat

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Thankyou so much for your replies. They really mean a lot. In fact, they made me cry. You seem to hear so many negative stories around, on the news etc, it's so good to hear some positive ones.
Dad's just finished radio. He had 10 days of it. We are now just waiting for the next M.R.I results in September. We have been told that it does not travel from the brain down. Have you guys been told that?
As you would all know, it's a step by step process. Deal with one thing at a time. Dad has moments of anger and depression, but also moments of happiness. I've just been doing some research on Chinese medicine, you do what you can i guess!
Again, thanks and keep in touch :)

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hi holly3! what you are doing, taking one emotion at a time is normal.what your dad is facing is very normal.i myself am going through those up and down emotions even after 13 yrs.i have crying times that are presentwith me now.what your doing for your dad is all that can be expected ofyou plus all the drs. nurses,oncologists and others are working too,to take care of your dad
you wr told that the tumor does not travel down to the other parts of the body,is right.the brain is enclosed so the tumor is localized in the brain and stays there that's why they surgically remove it.
when i was first diagnosed with the tumor,i had to wait for the surgn to come back to the u.s.he was in india for a month doing humanaterian work.my tumor was 4cm wide when he came back but he took care of it,just like the medical team is doing for your father.just keep ur faith strong and your emotional support unending.you will get through it

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It's amazing how you get thru things. When i look back at times when my Dad was first diagnosed, i can't believe we all got thru it and coped. It seems like such a horrible time.
The neuro surgeon and the oncologist that have been treating Dad have been really good. Realistic but positive. The young radiologist recently said some very harsh things to Dad, but i guess you learn to filter some of the things they say. The negatives aren't very helpful to us.
I think it's important for everyone involved to have some kind of emotional outlet during these times, otherwise you would go insane. So once again, thanks!

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Hi, all. I'm looking for someone who is surviving Grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma to talk to my 30-year-old nephew (niece's husband). He was diagnosed in December, had surgery to remove all tumor at MD Anderson, and has had 6 weeks of radiation. The doctors have said survival rate of 3-5 years. With a two-year-old, that's hard to take. I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to share their expereinces with him. Thanks!

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I'm confident in the fact that prayer works, the Lord hears our prayers & he doesn't leave us or forsake us; however, it has been my experience (through my own brain tumor survival & the misery that my sister is still going through due to her brain tumor) that the Lord works "in his own time, in his own way". He has the greater plan overall & I have been thankful for every aspect of life since my suffering first began. My sister, on the other hand, is exhausted & questioning why she has suffered for nine years now & yet she hasn't died. I'm passionate about the fact that the Lord still has some plan as to why things are the way they are. Just try to talk about your concerns to others, try to remain positive & leave "the things you cannot change" alone. I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

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wow youre inspiring!! great to hear!

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I got my tumor removed 9/9/16, and they first thought it was a glioblastoma.  I had everyone I knew, and they everyone they knew praying for me, and when pathology finally came back it was diagnosted as AA grade 3.  I also have a gene deletioin which they see as a higher survival rate.  I know that everyone dies, and that everyone does have a date already that they will die.  I believe Jesus heals, and he will heal me.  I have been given such peace about this, and anyone who knows me knows that I worry about EVERYTHING, so me having this peace is a miracle in itself!  I know that God has me and will not leave me.  I am starting treatment this week (radiation) and am seeing a new neurologist oncologist to suggest what chemo I should take this week as well.  I am ready to fight and get this bump in the road behind me.  I hope everyone here is doing well!

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