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Lung, now brain. I'm back again :(

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Hi all.
I'm back again as my Dad is having a few setbacks at the moment. We just found out that he has a tumour on his brain (1.5cm). He had lung cancer but had been in the 'all clear' for 5months, of course we were all ecstatic.
I'm just wondering if any of you have any stories (positive) that might help me (to help him). It's operable and he's going into surgery next Wednesday. I know we have beaten the odds before this, and i have been very angry this time around that it has happened again. However i have calmed down now and i'm ready to fight and get rid of it.

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Hi Holly: I'm wondering what type of lung cancer your father has. I don't have a positive story to share yet because my husband has just started treatments for small cell lung cancer. But we are very hopeful and plan to stay positive. We have excellent medical care here in Newton, KS. Keep us informed.

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I'm sorry i don't know. I never asked, just dealt with things a step at a time. Never looked at statistics either. My Dad responded brilliantly to chemo, then had surgery, he's upper right lobe removed. And a lot of lymph nodes. The team of doctors were very impressed. Apparently its quite uncommon for someone to then get a brain tumor. But again we're going a step at a time. Its operable, so we're kinda lucky (in an odd way i guess).
You have to stay positive otherwise you would go insane. This disease consumes you, sometimes its all you think about. But you can get thru it, step at a time.
I'm from Australia by the way :)

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hi Janius, I have small cell lung cancer, and am four years out of treatment, I was given a 5% chance of survival, but so far have beat the odds. I had four different chemos and radiation. I am inoperable because of location and the things involved with the tumor and it is inactive . The treatment was a little tough but worth it because I am a survivor now. Well If you would like any support I am here, God Bless Mike

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