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If HD is suspected...

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Hi there everyone. I have a friend who just confided in me that she's been feeling pretty lousy for weeks now. "I've never felt this way before" she said. When I asked her to tell me her symptoms what she came back with sounded all too familiar. I just finished treatments for hd2bx last fall. What she described sounds an awful lot like lymphoma of some form. Since mine when undetected for God knows how long- what should I tell her? If she goes to the dr they don't typically look for things that aren't plainly obvious to them? I just don't want it to elude them. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear it. I don't want her to go through what I did with going undiagnosed for a long time only to have it spreading and worsening...she's a new mom too. If ever she needs her health its now. Thanks.

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Can you tell me what the symptoms are your friend was having i'm basically in the same boat and the dr's just keep brushing me off but i just keep going back until they give me what i want i just don't know what else to do i had a biopsy on my thyroid and it came back suspicious I have so many symptoms but not thryoid cancer symptoms.

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Sure, She has been extremely fatigued, having night sweats, pain on her left side of the abdomen (where there is a lymph node), headaches, BACK ache and overall achiness.
are you a survivor of hd once already and suspect a recurrence? or is this all new to you? feel free and private message me. I hope you are feeling better. You'll be in my prayers. Rachel

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Hi Racht,
This sounds familiar, but I had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. I would definitely assert the need to have a blood test. This needs to be addressed. The earlier the better. If it helps, here is my leukemia and lymphoma website: http://www.geocities.com/leukemia_lymphoma
Sometimes doctors may believe it is a virus, but they should have bloodwork drawn just to be sure. My prayers are with you both. God bless.

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Hi again, no I have not had any of this I am new to all of this but am so scared that it might be something bad my friends and family keep telling me it's more stress than anything and I partially think they are right.But I have lost a lot of weight over the last few months. If you have gone through this could you please share any symptoms you may have had with me? Thank you in advance.

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Hi clawty and racht. This post was listed a while ago so I hope clawty and racht's friend (with symptoms) are doing well. I had HD in 04 and had my treatments. My symptoms were fatigue,night sweats,chest pains,fevers that came on and off, rashes and lymph nodes that started poping out (first neck then under armpit). It too took Doctors a long time to figure out what I had (aprox. 1 yr 8 mnth).They did all the tests..blood work, etc. and it was fine. Many people have symptoms and some do not. Just keep seeing your Doctor and make sure you write down every pain that you are feeling. Good luck to both of you!

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