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recurrence of cml

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My grandkids maternal grandma has a recurrence of cml after chemo, full body radiation and BMT after 7.5 years. She is presently taking Gleeved. Can anyone give me any info on this disease and possibly a NEW book I can purchase for her? Thank you so much for any help

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Dear Dyanna,
The best thing to do as for more info is to read books which you can get fron the American Cancer Society or y0u can do as I did and ask my Oncologist for any ideas they might have .Most doctors have ample supply of books or pamphlets you can read.Also you can go to www.webmb.com
Micheal from the chat room also has a good site to go to and read about leukemia.
I have also found that the Public Library has a good source of information there.And also talking to other who have survived Leukemia and had a setback has alot of good information also.
I have a friend who is using Gleevec Injections for much the same reason Your loved one is.
Keeping up a Positive Mental Attitude and keeping your Faith,while relying on friends and family to get you through this.
Eating a well balanced diet is also one great thing you can do to help.brocoli as well as other green veggies are really good to help keep up the body's energy level.You can also go to the Tennessee Oncology Website and find some helpfull things there to.As well as any Mayo Clinic.
If I can be of any help please dont hestitate to eamil me here at csn.
Dod Bless and Keep you and yours
Is My Prayer.
Countrygirl6777 or email me at livin2bfree4ever @yahoo.com
Will keep all of you in my prayers.
With Chritian LOve.
Susan Meschell

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Hi Countrygirl6777, i am a 27 year female that was recently diagnosed with cml back in feb of 2008 which was on my b day what a b-day do you have any strong words of hope for me

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I was 28 when I was diagnosed and 36 when I stopped treatments. I am now 40 and still show no signs of the philadelphia chromosone. They said it wasn't likely to stick and now my doc is starting to think it may be a durable remission. I never believed it would beat me and I spent whatever it took to get 2 nd and 3rd opinions. Own it, take charge of your decisions, and always believe your cure is out there. I am not the same person I was before cancer but for better or for worse I am a survivor. 50% from good doctors and 50% from sure fortitude. Be positive. I always said this was a bump in the road and it was. So if your road starts feeling too bumpy find a friend or family member who can remind you that You are the steam roller and go kick that cancer's hinney end. Gleevec helped me. Working helped me. And the love of family and friends kept me at it. Workout even if its horrible it makes you tough and it will help you survive the fatigue even if it doesn't cure it. I wish you all the best and yes there is lots of hope for you and all of us.


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Hi, I was just wondering if you are still in remission?


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My wife got lung cancer and CML was given 3 mos to live, back in 2007. She is still alived,  First thing   in the morning, Her breakfast consist of  blended asparagus. 2 sp.full, pure carrot juice Bothmann brand,  all fresh fluits and vegetables, mangoosetieen, papaya, oranges. apple, kiwi, blended celery, sliced cucumber.  Half and hour later she can have her breakfast. 

This is what she is doing and still keeping her alived....She is very careful  of what she eats..she avoids  sugar.....Sugar is known to promote cancer in humans body as sugar feeds cancer cells. It includes every foodstuff riches in sugar as well as artificial sweeteners.

           Recent research has shown that unprocessed honey or molasses, which contains antioxidant, is a better substitute for sugar intake. However, its consumption should keep to small volume.
           Refined sugar, refined flour, soda pop and other processed foods are foods that found to feed and strengthen the growth of cancer cells.
             Besides sugar, milk is also found to stimulate the body to produce mucus, particularly in the gastro-intestinal tract. Cancer cells feed well on this mucus and later the cells can multiply into numbers which eventually encourages the formation of tumors.
Foods That Linked to Cancer
Trans fatty acids foods such as margarine, French fries, MSG and polysaturated oil are one of the causes of Cancer.
          Foods contain aspartame include diet Coke, Nutrasweet, Equal and etc. are also identified as foods that linked to cancer.
          Smoked foods, processed meats, salt preserved foods and grilled meats too, may give rise to the cancer of the digestive tract.
            Barbequed foods contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are found in the smoke as fat burns. are also found in the charred or burnt meats. These substances are found to be carcinogenic and can accelerate the formation of cancer cells in our body.  Foods That Stimulate Cancer Cells  Foods or drinks which contain alcohol, caffeine, fluoride and chlorine can indirectly stimulate the cancer cells.
Foods That Fight Against Cancer Cells
Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower contain indole-3-carbitol which can fight against cancer cells. Also, green and leafy vegetables have been associated with lower stomach cancer risk. 
sprouts contain phytochemical sulforaphane helps to prevent colon and rectal cancers.
Carrots rich in beta-carotene can aid in reducing lung, mouth, throat, stomach, intestine, bladder, prostate and breast cancer. .Purple grapes with seeds and skin, )  Red raspberries with seeds contain lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidant which can prevent us from cancer.  Seaweed and other sea vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, protein, vitamin B12,  Green tea and black tea contain polyphenols (catechins),
              These foods assist to inhibit the cancer cells from spreading to other parts of our body. They may even help to kill the cancer cells, but it will depend fully on an individual immune system. When the immune system is strong, cancer cells will be destroyed and thus inhibiting the cancer cells from multiplying and forming tumors.   
All fruits contain sugar, but unless genetically modified or processed they’re in a natural form and the percentage of sugar to fiber, and other natural ingredients, is low. 
Table salt has a chemical added to make it white in color  A better alternative is sea salt. 
                  Milk and milk products cause the body to produce mucus. Cancer feeds on mucus, especially in the colon. Eliminating milk and milk based products helps starve cancer cells.
                    Meat-based diets make the body acidic. Meat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot of energy and digestive enzymes.  Undigested meat becomes putrefied and leads to toxic buildup.
Fish, chicken and turkey cause less blood acidity than beef or pork. 
                    Fried foods coat the intestinal tract and disrupt the digestion. Fried foods also have a slow transit time, increasing the likelihood of putrefaction in the colon.   Hot flames, like BBQ, when used to cook food, change the molecular structure of the food, particularly meat, and form cancer causing substances, carcinogens.   Raw vegetables and fruits contain live enzymes that can dissolve the protein walls of cancer
                  A diet of 80% fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and low in processed foods and meat, helps create an alkaline state in the body. The enzymes are absorbed at the cellular level and enhance growth of healthy cells.    
Coffee, black tea, chocolate, sodas and many sports drinks, are high in caffeine and chemicals.
                  Tap water can contain toxins and heavy metals. Distilled water is acidic. Reverse osmosis is probably the best bet.  Some supplements, like vitamin E, help trigger apoptosis, programmed cancer cell death.
           Cancer is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Anger, unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness cause an acidic body environment. and cause stress in the digestive tract. People with positive outlooks have a higher percentage of cancer survival.
             Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygen rich environment. Exercise and deep breathing help raise oxygen levels at the cellular level. Yoga, T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, when taught correctly, all stress deep breathing and breath control. Her oncologist said that she a miracle....and not expected to live longer than 3 months that was 14 yrs ago.
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