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Interferon Journal

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Joined: May 2006

Hi, I'm just writing to let everyone know I've been on Interferon for 10 months now and have been journaling the whole time at MissMelanoma.com. I'd love to chat with other survivors who are dealing with similar stuff. This chemo sucks, but I'm hoping sharing will help. Best of luck to you all!

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Hi Miss M....GOOD GIRL!!!!Hey I see your post is 5-06 it is now 7-06 which means you.ve done your year!!!!!! I also know it means those last few months kick your but..smile...because I kow your done...I did a yr. too and finished in feb. I too am a female..so email me if you like I would like to talk to you...if when you have time...ok I am going to check out missmelanoma.com ok CONGRATS!!!!!!!

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congrats i went through that same treatment and stayed in college so i know how it feels your damn for doing it hope it doesnt come back

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Joined: Sep 2006

sorry i meant to say damn tough not just damn. anyway how did you figure out that you had it and what stage was it?(i was stage 3).

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Hello there. I am new to the board and saw your doing INT, as am I, only in 2nd mnth though and having a very hard time. I will check out your page and wish you the best. Any advice or encouragement you have is much appreciated.

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