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my mother passed away January 13, 2006 from NHL, I want to know how I can find out if her dr did everything he could to help her.....my brother and I feel like he gave up before he even began, how can we find out what we should do.

we feel like the biggest part of our lives is gone because a doctor didn't want to do his job. we really could use some help!

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It is understandable you would question every thing when it comes to loosing a loved one, however, keep in mind the following:
- NHL, depending on the type and stage it's in can be deadly.
- the age of the patient and their physicall health can severly limit the treatment options and effectivness.
- chemo therapy is toxic and can , by itself, cause major side effects that lead to death.
- Cancer treatment in this day and age has been so standardrized that it would be fairly easy to know if the doctor applied the correct treatment or not.
- death is natural, fighting it to an extreme is not.

good luck.

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