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running update

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Thank you for all of your well wishes (especially for cool weather), tips, support, & words of encouragement. I ran the 5th leg of the 6 person relay race "Beach to Bay" in Corpus Christi, TX in 50 minutes. Not bad for someone who doesn't run-unless of course being chased by something or someone (although luckily that hasn't happened yet). It was a great time. Overall my team finished the 26 mile race in 4 hrs and 45 minutes. (Jana- yes-let's do a TX get together soon. Kerry- absoulutely lunch this summer. Scouty- you scared me with the "can't stop crying" post- but after I got up the nerve to open it I was relieved and happy! Sunfish- I'll see you in 2 wks!!)

While getting dressed in my spiffy new athletic running short set ($30 Target) and new Nike Shocks ($110 Lady Footlocker-Mother's day present) my husband just sat there shaking his head- saying "you should have trained". He offered to stand in for me. Trained Shmained! I looked like a runner. I felt like a runner. I started to believe I was a runner!

I got to my postion for the race and waited for the baton hand off for an hour and a half in the sun. It was around 90 degrees and a bunch of humidity. I stretched, I envisioned myself as the all powerful athlete and runner and waited. Finally, the hand off from my team mate occurred. I had driven my route the night before and knew there was no shade for the first three miles. So, I ran like hell. Amazing what you can do when you want something- in this case shade. I just kept saying in my head "Run, Suzann, Run!" (Forest Gump reference). The fourth mile was residential and there were kind people hosing us down.

And of course- I would not let my semi-colons down!!

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Guess that proves you right about the whole alcholic thing (you had to be there folks)......way to go girlfriend and sorry to scare you.

Hugs to you, hubby and that wonderful young son of yours.

Lisa P.

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I forgot to tell you I worked out in Cuck Sancer t-shirt today. I love telling folks the story behind it as well as the communion host one too. You are a ray of sunshine my dear!!!!!!

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Hi Suzann,
Congratulations on your great accomplishment, in the heat no less! Thanks for keeping us posted.
Best wishes, Donna

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Lisa Rose
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Congratulations Suzann

Lisa Rose

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Hi Suzann -

This is fantastic! Thanks so much for doing this. My daughter is a runner and I showed her your note and she was totally impressed that you just did it!

Take care,

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Yea Yea Yea Yea!!!!! Suzann you are the GREATEST!!!!
Hugs, Kathi

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I have read your post 3 times and laughed each time I read it. Thanks for the smile and thanks for the run for the Semi-Colons. If I recall...Forrest Gump ran for "no good reason"...you had a lot of good reasons.

Can't wait to see you this summer. Give a call when you are out of school. I will be going back to MD Anderson June 12 - 14, but otherwise here putting finishing touches on the house and garden and trying to stay cool in this heat.

Thanks again for sharing your running update with us.


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Way to go, Suzann -

Hopefully that incessent Corpus Christi wind was at your back for the whole race!


- Bob

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Hi Suzann,

Another wonderful posts from you. I never doubted that you wouldn't finish in style!!! I bet these last two days of school are much harder than than the race!! Ha!

Give Robert a big hug from me, and count me in for lunch.



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