HD and pregnancy

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I was diagnosed with HD IIB in 2001, then had chemo and radiation therapy in Ukraine, I am Ukrainian 31 y.o. Now plan to have kids, but have no result. I would appreciate any comments, ideas, thoughts, perhaps somedoby had the same problems in the past. Thank you.


  • cupac
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    Hi Nat2004
    I have heard of a few cases of people having kids successfully after treatment. You should have no problem if you had the ABVD cocktail of drugs, however, if you were treated with BEACOPP then it is possible you may be infertile. However, I have a friend that I met when I was getting treated for Hodgkins, and she was able to fall pregnant even after being treated with BEACOPP - so it is still possible! I was diagnosed in Nov 2001 and am 4 years in remission. I am 33 years old and will start trying to fall pregnant again soon. Keep trying because it is very much a possibility. How many months have you been trying to conceive?
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    My child(ren)are my success story of kids after treatment. I was 22 when I was diagnosed with HD, I completed ABVD and radiation. I was only in remission for 9 months when my husband and I received the best news of our lives-we were going to have a baby! I wasn't sure I'd ever have children after HD-what a wonderful surprise. I now have a healthy 1.5yr. old and we are expecting baby number 2 in Aug. I haven't even been in remission for 4 yrs. yet. Don't give up hope just yet.
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    Hi nat2004,
    Please don't let your fears of not having kids discourage you. There have been plenty of success stories. I had a tremendous amount of chemotherapy and radiation for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I was scared to have my sperm count analyzed for many years after treatment. Just last year, I decided I wanted to know, and I had the test. Thanks to God, my counts are very healthy! So, try to have kids! God bless.
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    I was dx 2002 with same thing same treatment I have not concieved yet but my ob/gyn says people with our treatment can. let me know if you do and I believe we can.
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    nat,I went in remission in 1994,had chemo and rads.stayed on bc till 1998.blessed with first child in 1999 and blessing number two in 2001.never thought I would be blessed with any! best of luck.