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anyone losing csn email messages?

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I need to know if anyone else is having problems sending email messages on this site. More and more often now I am writing my message and when I preview it-it dissappears into cyberspace--it says that the page requested does not exist. Is it my computer or is anyone experiencing this problem?

I have tried three times this morning to send messages to 2 different people and they are all gone. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong.

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Hi Dash,

I don't think it is your computer! I cannot get into my email AT ALL to send or receive or to check old mail. I was trying the other day to retrieve an old message to find a phone number and it wouldn't allow me access.


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I am so glad you posted this . I too have been having trouble . Not only with my email ,But also with trying to reply to post . I get the same thing . This started happening a few weeks ago . I thought my computer had a virus . Try going to internet options under tools and clean out your temporary internet files and cookies . This has worked for me , But only for a few days then it starts again . So I guess it must have something to do with the site .

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Hi Dash,
Me, too! I am getting the page has expired message, and then I am not sure if my mail got sent. Sometimes I find it intact using the back and forth arrows; sometimes it got sent twice, and other times it just disappeared!
I did let the site admin know that I was having trouble clicking back to the thread page, too...it would throw me back to my start page. Seems like there are a few bugs in the system. Here's hoping they get it solved! Judy

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I have also been having some problems with this site. It takes me forever to read messages and reply. First, it says "page does not exist" then, I keep trying and trying and finally I am able to read the threads after waiting so long. I too thought my computer had a virus.

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hey me too. i know it is this site because it doesnt do it on other sites. really slow running.

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When we toured CSN in Austin, Jose and fellow staffers indicated that there are increasing problems with the software, and often things just dissappear..the good news is that they are supposedly getting replacement programs soon. Bud

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Hi Dash - the site has been slow. Often if I refresh after getting the error page everything is OK. I don't use CSN mail that much but have had trouble and now compose in a text/word file first, so I still have it if the mail doesn't go thru.

Take care,

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Hi Jose I think of you often hope all is going well with you. Sue

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