scans all clear!

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Hi Everyone,
My scans were clear, so no more chemo. Yeah! The no more chemo part makes me nervous, but my body needs a break.
I'm still looking for a place to live and time is running out. I found a house that fit everything I was looking for. When I called to see it the management company asked me if I had good credit. I honestly answered no and told them my situation, that I was on disability, but that I had sold my house and had money. I was willing to pay the whole year's lease up front. They would not even show me the house because I didn't have good enough credit or make enough money. I fail to see what difference any of that makes as long as they were getting their money! In the meantime I am spending so much time trying to find somewhere to live that I haven't even had time to celebrate being NED. I suppose that in the end it will all come together.
Take care and thanks to everyone who responded to my first post with encouragement!


  • Kanort
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    Hi Jamie,

    Congratulations on your clear scan and the break from chemo. I guess I missed your earlier post but I'm sorry you are having so much difficulty with things noncancer related. Your attitude sounds great. I am hoping things work out for you very soon.


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    Hi Jamie,

    Still sending the good vibes that a place to live will find you. Congrats on the "no chemo". That will help you at least feel better. How about looking for apartments? Or is that not an option? Some can be almost as big as a house but less worry for you because you would have somewhere to live. Hate to ask this but how about low income housing? Might be a short term solution? HUGS and we are thinking of you.

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    Yahoo!!!!!!!!! I agree with the other Lisa, renting is a great way to start to rebuild your credit. Power, phone, and cable companies all report out to the credit bureaus.

    Lisa P

    Try to celebrate the day too........
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    hi jamie
    sorry to hear of your situation with the house hunting.IT WILL ALL COME TOGETHER. dont forget to celebrate your NED it is such a fine thing to celebrate. keep us posted on your house hunting and GOOD LUCK.
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    Wonderful news on your all clear! Keep looking you'll come up with something. Ask everyone you know, people in church someone will have something out there for you.
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    Congratulations!!! Keep the big picture in mind!! All the house stuff will pass and you will find a good place.

    Try to celebrate, at least a bit. We are all routing for you! jana