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hi i am new but i am only 16 and my nan has lung cancer i cant cope it isnt fair why i dont understand

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Hi so sorry about your nan. There seem to be alot of young people at times in the chat room on this site you should go there and see how they are all coping. I'm so sorry that you are so young and have to try and deal with all of this. My grandaughter is 16 and she is having a hard time dealing with my husband, her grandfather having lung cancer. I'll talk to you anytime

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My husband (age 70) has just been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. What type does your husband have? I am looking for help and support.

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You can be a great help to your Nan and help in her battle with cancer, you can be part of her cure. My grandchildren were a great support to me. I do not know what type of lung cancer or what stage your Nan has, but I have nsclc stage IV and I am doing very well. I may be close to your Nan in age, I am 69. You have to believe that your Nan can have the same results. My life has actually been better since I was diagnosed with cancer in July, 2005. I am now cancer free and my next check up will be in 6 months. Go to my web page and read my story, have your Nan read it, then let me know if I can give you or your Nan any more info or encouragement. You can type ernrol in the search box at top of screen, then click on any place you see ernrol. This will take you to my web site.

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I am A Nanna and was told I have swmall-cell lung cancer back in March. My granddaughters are young, however it is hard for me to play with them wile undergoing treatment. They are my cure, and you can also be your Nan cure. Be there for her, if she wants to talk about it, lisen. Always think posative, and speak them same way. At times you may not understand the word ( why ) for myself I say why not me. Just be there with a smile, she will love you for it.

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