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Epitheliod Angiosarcom of the Liver

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This is my first time here. What joy this has brought to me. I was beginning to feel so alone. I think that I have found some real peace here. I was diagnosed with Epitheliod Angiosarcoma of the liver. It was an accidental finding. I was not sick in any way. Just went in for a normal check up. My liver enzymes were a little high, so the search began. On Valentines Day this year, I was given my prognosis. I am in the final stage and there are only ten people in the United States with this illness. As far as I know, there are no experimental drugs or studies for this illness. I do not have alot of time, and The time I have left, I want to spend just living, and loving my family, and not in a hospital, or treatment center somewhere, so far from home. I don't ask why. I feel cheated somewhat, but I do thank God every morning when I wake up, that he has chosen to give me one more day. I am experiencing pain now, and nausea. My Oncologyst has me on eight hour Oxycodone. I have lost my appetitie, but do eat what I can tolerate. I tried to find information on other patients or family members who have this illness, but the stories I have read are so similar to mine. I am so glad to be here, you have no idea. I still feel I am dreaming, and need to wake up. This is truly unbelievable to myself, and my family. Please, if anyone has or knows someone who has my illness, I would appreciate very much if they could post something to me. Thanks for being here!

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Hello!! I know how you feel...This angiosarcoma is so rare....Thanks for emailing me. I have answered your email and hope to hear back from you soon..Take care for now, AND DON"T GIVE UP!!! You are in my prayers...Barbara

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