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Small Cell Survivors

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Hi everyone:
I am looking for information on or from long term survivors of small cell lung cancer. I was diagnosed about a month or so ago and it has spread to a few ribs and a couple of lympth nodes, but not to the brain. I am taking chemo, but I understand the long term survival rate is not too good for this disease. I am trying to find information relating to any specific traits long term survivors seem to have or what long term survivors atttibute their survival to.

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Hi, I am mike, I was diagnosed with limited small cell lung cancer. I was given a 5% chance of survival. The tumor measured 5 inches x 4 inches x 3 inches. It was on my left lung,in the lung, in my lymph nodes, wrapped around my aorta artery and pushing against my esophogus. I had cisplatnum and vp-16 to start with, three 9 hour day cycles every three weeks, the second cycle I had a very bad reaction and ended in ICU for five days. I was then changed to carboplatnum, vp-16 and taxol , again three 9 hour day cycles. My fourth cycle they started radiation to my chest, side and back , five days a week for six and a half weeks.I was diagnosed in April of 2001 and am still around, it has been a long journey but am still kicking. I am disabled but still stay active as much as possible and have good and bad days but , I do enjoy life. If you would like to get in touch with me I would be glad to correspond. I am 55 years old now. God Bless Mike PS: I am also inoperable because of the location.

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Hi Mike: Yours was the most encouraging message I have seen. My husband was diagnosed with Limited small cell lung cancer about 11 days ago. He has had 8 days of radiation, 3 of chemo (2 different kinds). His next chemo will follow 3 weeks after the first and radiation will continue 5 days a week. I feel like he falls in to the 5% survival group because his cancer has not spread but I would like to hear from others who have had it and survived of any hints and helps you can give him. Thanks.

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Flounder, Sorry to meet you this way.
My husband just reached one year of surviving small cell lung cancer. His was staged at extensive from the beginning. We sure didn't think he would live a year, and this week he has played golf, mowed the lawn and went hunting for mushrooms. Stategies --Suceess will be from: your attitude = 90% and what your Dr.s can do for you = 10%. Pray, fight, WIN! If you don't feel like eating, take a bite, chew it up, swallow it, and do it again. I hope the chemo treatments aren't making you ill. You are in my prayers,

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Hi Flounder:
My name is Larry and I am 59 years old. I was diagnosed with lung cancer just over 2 years ago. I had the top lobe of my right lung removed followed by 16 weeks of chemo. I think some of the most important things you can do include 1) remain positive 2) accept the fact that you have cancer but that you can beat it 3) eat well 4) get plenty of rest. If you need any other info, let me know and I'll be glad to do whatever I can.

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