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story of unlucky brother

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My brother, Kevin, is only 23 years old, the oldest child in my family. Recently he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. It started out with stomach pains and as days gone by, it got worse. He was rushed to the ER. Fluid containing protein and malignant cells were drained from his abdominal area, which was causing the pain. It’s been almost 3 weeks since then, and now he’s still in the hospital. The doctors diagnosed him with severe stomach cancer that has spread – throughout his body. He might have a few months but if everything goes well, maybe even a year+. He can’t eat and nutrients from an IV bag are all he’s getting. He went through chemotherapy once, but was discontinued because he came up with an infection from all the stomach draining and a high fever. In 2001, my brother, had lost his left leg in a terrible accident. A car hit him at 80 mph. He has a huge scar on his head, weaken lungs and left arm, and worst of all, an amputated leg. Since then, he’s been walking around with a prosthetic leg. I feel like he must be cursed or something. He has the worse luck. In the hospital, he looked at my mom with tears in his eyes and said, “Why me?” I am 19 years old, and going through midterms I can’t even focus on. My sister is moving back home from northern California, and my mother who is now unemployed, stays by my brother’s side through the early morn to the after hours. I just wanted to share my story, because I really think my brother has the worst luck. And, it was a bit of a relief letting it out. I pray for him every hour of the day.... I love my brother......... Life sucks.

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My heart goes out to you. I can remember getting on this site for the first time in shock that I was here. Everything I read basically just brought me down even more. I will be honest with you. I lost my Dad last year to stomach cancer. He was 56 and otherwise extremely healthy. He ran everyday, didn't drink, etc. Honestly as I type this I know it is only going to make you feel like"yeah right." But I want you to know how far I have come. My Dad trusted in the Lord even when everything kept getting worse. I would be amazed at his courage because I was angry and didn't understand why this was happening to someone who loved the Lord with all his might. I mean I would sit and think about all the mean people in the world just keeping on being mean. Yes my Dad was a huge part in my turning it over to God but I know that I have claimed to be a Christian my whole life but never understood what it meant to really have a personal relationship with him. I would beg God to just give me a sign that no matter what, even if my Dad died that everything was going to be ok. That I would see him again. I would even plead, "God could you please just turn the lights on and off and then I will know for sure." Looking back and very much remebering those feelings, I realize that if God did that there would be no such thing as faith. One day I felt something different in my heart a year before my Dad died. I was praying to God with nothing but trust in Him and believing that His plan no matter how difficult was a good one. After I felt differently and truly let God take over did I feel His comfort and assurance. I pray with all of my heart that your brother will be healed. God isn't insulted when we just flat out ask him for something but we must do it with complete surrender to His will. I miss my Dad horribly but I have peace that can come from no where else, that I will see him again. Watching someone you love suffer is horrible. The pain you feel is like nothing you have ever felt. You hurt for him, yourself, and everyone else who is suffering this heartache. Pray that God will empower you with Faith in Him and in His love. I am proof that it can happen. I am praying for His peace to surround you and you family and that you will draw nearer to Him. Counselors may comfort us in the storm, but we need God who is the only one who can STILL the storm. Betsy

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