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Visiting Halifax ~ CP 4

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Everyone,

For anyone interested in a free visitors guide of Halifax go to the link below.


Whats Needed To Enter Canada. . . .

Americans do not a visa to visit Canada, and for now, travelers to Canada from the US do not need an American passport when crossing the border.

If you are an American citizen crossing the border into Canada, you need ID that proves two things: 1) Citizenship, and 2) Identity by way of a photo.

A driver's license on its own or a Social Security Card on its own are not valid ID to cross the Canadian border.

The following pieces of identification will serve as satisfactory proof of American citizenship to enter Canada:

US passport


Birth certificate,


Certificate of citizenship or naturalization,


Photo ID, such as current driver's license

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Hi Lisa Rose,

We are really looking forward to it! My husband & I have been to several beautiful Canadian cities, but never Halifax, and we are excited about it already. Will most likely have our little one in tow; he will be 2 by then. Can't wait for CP 4, and to meet the semi's..... :-)

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