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Just another newby.

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Joined: Mar 2006

At my age, 52, and sexual activity status, this has been a real hard pill to swallow. I'm getting/giving all the sex we can between today and tomorrow as Monday morning I get LRP.

I'd just like to thank everyone who left words here for me to read as I found much encouragement it them.

Thanks again to all.

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Man, it won't be that bad, you'll be alright. Hang in there. Don't give up on sex...you'll still be able to have sex. Just get well and get rid of the cancer. Stay in touch. We want to encourage and help you if we can. Okay? I did the very same thing and was so worried it was all over. True, I had to adjust to the changes but you can still have great sex, believe me.

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Number 1, be glad you will have the chance to think about sex again. It is pretty hard ot acheive if you ignore the cancer and worry more about sex.
Number 2 I hope all went well. I don't think anyone can ever say that we all end up the same way. But we do end up with a new lease on life.
Number 3. Email the people on this web site. We have all been down the same road.
Best to you and your loved ones.

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We have all had the same feelings prior to treatment. However, as the others have indicated, the results are not always as bad as some have indicated. One of the most important things affecting recovery is the patient's attitude. ALWAYS have a positive attitude! My Dr told me that a positive mental attitude has a tremendous effect on the speed at which a patient can return to normalcy. As a five-year survivor of a RP I can attest to the fact that he was right.

Best of luck with your surgery, and hugs to your loved ones. Keep that POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!!


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Posts: 58
Joined: Jul 2005

You are right on target and the advice you give always seems to be the best. Keep it up because these new guys flounder until they find someone who can help them to see light at the end of the tunnel. Guys like you helped me out alot. I thought it was all over but it wasn't and I am doing fine now. Thanks to you and others.

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