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Ketoconazole and Hydrocortisone

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I was diagnosed in Feb 2004 with PC and while undergoing RP, I learned that there was involvment in the lymph nodes. (at least one but they always assume PC spread to the others.) I was started on HDT (Eligard and Casodex) and PSA dropped from 31.2 to 0.2 and remained low until Oct 2005 when it started to rise to 0.8 then, as of Apr 2006, it was 11.0. When I was told of the rising PSA, I switched from my local urologist in San Jose, CA to the Stanford Cancer Center where they started me on Luperon inplants, but it became obvious that I am now refractory with my last 11.0 PSA level. My oncologist at Stanford started me on 200mg Ketoconazole 3x per day and Hydroortisone 5mg 2x per day. I just started today, 5 May 2006. I never heard of this as a secondary treatment for refractory PC but my research on the Prostate Cancer Research Institute is very encouraging. The site is at http://www.prostate-cancer.org/education/andeprv/Lam_HDK.html. I may have seen other references to this treatment on Dan Cooley's Patients Helping Patients. I would appreciate any responses from others who have received this treatment called HDK+HC or know of others who have. Thanks.

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