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How frequently are you scoped?

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Hi all -

Gotta question. Last November I had my first post surgery colonoscopy (couldn't get all the way thru last May due to sigmoid tumor). Everything checked out and my gastro doc said to come back in two years. He even said that many docs say three years, but he is not comfortable with that. (I am Stage IV but currently and also last November NED).

Today I saw my oncologist. She told me that even though I am her "star patient" - boy I love those words - she is very uncomfortable with me waiting until Nov 2007 for another scope. She wants me to have one again in Nov 2006. That's fine with me if my GI doc will do it.

So, plenty of time to decide - thus I am soliciting experiences with what has been recommended to all of you.

Thanks much,

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Hi Betsy,
I was told I can have a yearly colonoscopy for the first 5 years. Best wishes. Donna

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I had a yearly colonoscopy for the first 2 years, then every 3 years. Be well!

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I had my first post surgical scope one year after my colon resection. It was clear so she told me to come back in 3 years. I am due to go in June and every 3 years after that assuming all is clear.

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I had my first colonoscopy in February and I'll be getting one yearly. I'm also stage IV and NED since November as well. I don't go to a gastro doc I told my onc that I wanted to use the same surgeon that did my surgery last April. I use the same surgeon for everything it knows me and I know him. I like it that way.

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I am ALMOST 3 years out with stage 3 rectal cancer. I was told I would be scoped at 1 year and then could go 2 or 3 years. Not me, I have been scoped yearly and I think I will continue until I am 5 years cancer free. Then I will maybe go longer. My docs are great and agree with me.


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I no longer have a colon so I will never again have a colonoscopy. But every six months I get a flex sigmoid scope (and my colorectal surgeon is nice enough to give me sedation for that).


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Hi Betsy,
I will have a yearly colonscopy for the first 3 years,and then my onc "will see" if we should go further out, to 2 or 3 years.
I agree with your onc. The first 3 years after treatment are the highest risk for recurrance or mets, as I understand it, and I'd rather keep checking! Judy

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I just had first post surgical colonoscopy and CT scan. My oncologist said that if my rectal cancer returns, it will most likely be within 5 years -- therefore I will have yearly colonoscopies and CT scans for 5 years.

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The oncologist told my mother (through me) that she would have colonoscopies every year for first 5 years. And then we will see...

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I'd go with the yearly-so much of being a semi-colon involves some crazy, unpredictable, ever changing bowel habits that it's real tough for me to know what's normal. I always feel reassured by that negative scope. Also, the guidelines are not all that clear, so it's important to let your oncologist decide on a case by case basis.

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Hi Betsy,
I go for a colonoscopy every year for 5 years. But I also have a sigmoid every 3-4 months. I had stage 3, rectal cancer. I just saw my colorectal doctor Thursday and he said most of those cancers return within 2 years. So far I am 2 years 4 months NED. Thank God. I also go for CAT scan and chest x rays once a year. And blood work from oncologist every 6 months. Peace. Annette

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Thanks to all. It wasn't going to take much convincing, but you all definitely convinced me to go with a yearly schedule for a while. Looking forward to my November 2006 scope - ok - not really, but I definitely will do it!

Take care,

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I'm stage III and I just had my one year colonoscopy and was told that I could wait 2 years for the next one. Now you've got me worried! I guess I'll check with my oncologist to see what he says. I understood that I have a greater chance of it coming back somewhere else, not my colon.

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