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Hey all you awesome Semi-Colons!!

Now that many of you are home from the CP3, and we are grieving as a family about Nettie, I thought we could share some postive aspects of having cancer.

I'll start.

Cancer gave me:

My voice. I am bolder now to speak up, speak my needs, my feelings whether good or bad, my love for someone, my appreciation for someone in my life.

Empowerment. I have been able to look my doctor in the eye and say No. I am going to do this a different way. I appreciate your opinion but this is what's best for ME.

A platform. I have always been passionate about good health and better eating, but now I have a testimony to share because I have experienced first hand most people's greatest fear: Cancer. And I have lived to tell.

A better relationship with my father. I'll just leave it at that except to say he drove me to my weekly "treatments" for 6 months that were over an hour away from my house which gave us treasured time alone for the first time in my life.

It gave me all of you. :-)

Purpose. I live each day more fully and aware of the goodness in everything.

Childlike Joy and the courage to express it. Since getting cancer I have pursued artistic interests that I may have hesitated to do before.

Courage. I now dance like no one is watching.

A year round "tan". Due to juicing carrots daily I have a "tan" . haha

Ok, that's all I'll write at the moment.

Your turn!

peace, emily who will take the sweetness that cancer has brought to her life with the bitter.....

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This post encompasses the beauty of this group. Nettie will always be with us... and we can pivot around and try to see some of the good. Nettie is watching and smiling. Thank you em.

Cancer gave me a new perspective on life...keeps me happy living in the here and now. I think it is why I continue to "do it all."


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I admire your passion for natural healing, for standing up for yourself, and for strength of your character! Keep it up!

Best wishes, Eleonora

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Nice idea, Emily.

Cancer taught me to enjoy each day, rather than live in the future.


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What a wonderful idea, Emily. Being diagnosed with cancer allowed me to re-examine and re-adjust my priorities. I say 'yes' to doing more things now, rather than thinking I can do them sometime in the future. I tell the people that I love that I love them more frequently now. I never moan at the arrival of another birthday! That is just a start....

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Cancer gave me a voice. To say 'I like...' and 'I will...' and 'why not?'
Hugs, Kathi

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Cancer has given me a love for life that I have never experienced before. Everything has a halo around it. I am blessed. Also, I pray for so many people. Terri

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Cancer gave me 18 wonderful months with my "new" husband. Scott and I were having some problems. After he was diagnosed, we just talked and talked like we hadn't done since we were dating. We held hands again and watched movies together and spent time with our two wonderful children. Even though our "second chance" was short-lived, it brought Scott back into my heart and I will always be thankful for that.

And, of course, it brought me all of you :-).


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Hello all. Cancer gave me.....
The opportunity to recognize all the good in people. The ability to say NO... The courage to stand my ground. And the peace to enjoy every day to the fullest... But most especially it opened my eyes to the beauty in this world. I want to thank my family, friends and my new friends on CSN for always being there when I need an encouraging word..

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What a beautiful idea. Cancer gave me a reminder that life is a gift and to live each ane every moment to it's fullest. I too try to dance as if noone is watching! Thank you for doing this!
I heard so many wonderful things about you over the weekend, I hope we meet one day!

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Cancer gave me a chance to change some not so good things in my life. I don't take things for granted anymore and I love each day I am here on this beautiful earth.

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Cancer has given me all of you, an amazing community whom I have never met. Emily, once again this is such a spirit-lifting journey you've initiated. Thank you.


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BRAVO Emily!!

Cancer first gave me anger.

Cancer gave me motivation to turn that anger into something positive, to work hard to spread awareness, early testing and education about colorectal cancer.

Cancer gave my heart back the love that should always be in it. I cherish the small things more. I love my children with a passion. I love my fellow man. I love my fellow semi-colons!!!

Cancer taught me that today is truly a gift and I will honor it by fully living in it.

Cancer has given me patience.

Cancer has given me inner peace with myself.

Cancer brought God back into my life.

Thank you Emily for letting us stop and reflect.


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Posts: 2085
Joined: Dec 2001

Thank you all who shared your thoughts.

Semi-Colons ROCK!

peace, emily

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