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Side Effects from chemoradiation?

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First, Thank you to all who replied to my first message. I can't tell all of you enough how much it means to me to be able to share the ups and downs of going through this. It sounds strange but there are ups to all of this. My relationships with my family and friends have gotten stronger. I recently ordered a book "Cancer has it's priveledges"...I can't wait to get it, because the one thing I found out is that a good sense of humor and a positive attitude is half the battle.

Now to my question? Has anyone had pelvic bone pain? It's hard to describe but it's like my bones ache. I spoke with my radiation onocolgist and he didn't seem worried so I'm trying not to be either. I seem to worry about every little ache and pain.


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I can't say I had pelvic bone pain. But, I had intense "butt pain" (sorry -- no delicate way to describe -- at least so precisely!). It was so intense and frightening to me that I called my onc on the weekend. He wasnt concerned and eventually i figured out that it was the tense posture I was holding myself in during the daily radiation. So, what am I saying? Yes, we may worry about every ache and pain. But, that is OK -- and worth checking out with your doc as well as your buddies (us).

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Yes, Karen (wow, seems I respond to alot of the posts with side effects this way...hummmm) I had left hip pain, almost like arthritis for about 4 months after radiation. I asked my rad doc, he said that with the way I was radiated, it may have touched the hip bone, too. I recovered, and am going like normal now.
Are you one chemo currently? Taking Nulasta? This caused me GREAT bone pain, was totally necessary, but it was more torso than anything.
I took Tylenol and used heating pads.
All my best vibes!
Hugs, Kathi

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hi karen,
im in the midst of chemo-radiation, have had right hip and sharp leg pains since the beginning. docs say its normal and i have had all kinds of scans but always tell your docs about it.

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Hi Karen!

Oh gosh, I can completely relate to the "ups" of cancer.....the biggest for me being that Cancer gave me my "voice". It empowered me to make some positive changes in my life that needed to be dealth with but I had not the courage until cancer came into the picture.

Cancer gave me a better relationship with my father.

Okay...I think this is going to be a new thread....

you started it Karen and I'm just going to expound on it.

Oh sorry I can't help you on the pelvic pain part though. :-)

peace, emily

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Thank you Emily

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My husband is on week 5 of 7, and for about three days a couple of weeks ago his butt muscles were sore. Then one night, he had intense pain in his right butt cheek that woke him up. A couple of tylenol helped.

The rad. onc. said that the radiation inflames everything and the pain was normal. He also said the intense pain that woke him up was the sciatic nerve inflamed.


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