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pathological fracture

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I just came from an othopaedic doctor who told me I have a pathological fracture in my tibia (sp?)(leg bone). In any case, he is sending me to a another orthopaedic who also specializes musculoskeletal oncology. The first doctor said he doesn't know exactly why I had the pathological fracture, and said it could be anything from a cyst to bone cancer. I read on a web site that you can usually tell from an x-ray if it is bone cancer. So my question is this; Is my primary orthopaedic doctor not telling me the whole story until I go to specialist? I have an MRI tomorrow and see the specialist in a couple of weeks. I was pretty much blindsided by this today so it wasn't until I started reading about this on the computer that I thought of this question. Thanks.

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I had a pathological fracture as a result of a giant cell tumour in my thighbone. The tumour was visible on an x-ray, but I needed a biopsy to diagnose the tumour properly. Fortunately, in my case, it was benign.
There are so many variations of cyst and tumour and I know it doesn't help to say 'don't worry' because you do. Just hang in there and make sure you get seen promptly. I hope for your sake, you have something minor.

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