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liver transplant

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anyone know if liver transplant is an option when cancer is present?

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I have primary liver cancer. But my cancer is rare. I have angiosarcoma of the liver. My cancer is in the blood vessels of the liver. I can't be put on the waiting list because my cancer will reacur in a new liver. I was told that if I had cancer elsewhere in my body, I would not be eligeable for a transplant. But a transplant can be done. Talk to your doctor about this. Or look on the internet for liver transplant information. I wish you or whomever has cancer the best. I will pray for you daily. In Gods Love Barbara

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Hi, I had a sucessful transplant as a result of Liver cancer last Aug. At the time I had seven tumors , the ones that they tested proved benign and my risk assessment was that I had more than a 50% survival rate, the alternative was to wait untill they turned and die.
The process =from diagnosis to transplantation took 7 months, this in a Healthcare system that is under stress due to lack of funding to the public sector. A Transplant can only take place under Public Medicine, which is great for me as I could not have afforded to live otherwise. Check with your physician to see if there are any seconaries, if there are then unfortunatley transplantation is not the answer, in fact the only strength tht you ncan take is from love and goodness around you and this can also have a healing quality. Cancer feeds on the negative so the first thing that you must do, whatever your diagnosis is think positive, that and related exercise can combat the tumors. I reduced my largest tumour by 2.5 mm in a 4 month period, others were also reduced in this mind process of telling them that they were not welcome and I wished them to leave my body.
Now 11 months on life has never been better, the who;e transplant process was simple for me and the worst that I had was two days of pukeing and shitting.A bit like fod poison,good luck to you and do not hesitate to contact me if i can be of any help what-so-ever.

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